ESW History

Sponsored by the Industry Applications Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., the IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop (ESW) is a transnational technical forum founded in 1991 by the IAS Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee. In 2012, the IAS Executive Board approved creation of the IAS Electrical Safety Committee and moved the responsibility for the ESW to this new technical committee. Since its founding in 1991, the ESW has served to accelerate the dispersion of information and knowledge impacting electrical safety.

Year Locations Chair
2020 Reno, Nevada, USA Scott Seaver, TE Connectivity
2019 Jacksonville, Florida, USA L. Rene' Graves, Texas Instruments, Inc.
2018 Fort Worth, Texas, USA Ken White, Olin (Retired)
2017 Reno, Nevada, USA Paul Sullivan, DuPont
2016 Jacksonville, FL Dennis Hill, AECOM
2015 Louisville, KY Hugh Hoagland, e-Hazard
2014 San Diego, CA Marcelo Valdes, GE
2013 Dallas, TX Dan Doan, DuPont
2012 Daytona, FL Dennis Neitzel, AVO International
2011 Toronto, Ontario Eva Clark, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2010 Memphis, TN Joe Rachford, Gallatin Steel
2009 St. Louis, MO Ben McClung, American Electric Power
2008 Dallas, TX Jim White, Shermco Industries, Inc.
2007 Calgary, AB Mike Doherty, Ontario Power Generation
2006 Philadelphia, PA Bob Huddleston, Eastman Chemical Co.
2005 Denver, CO Stephen Wilson, Dofasco, Inc.
2004 Oakland, CA D. Ray Crow, DRC Consulting
2003 Houston, TX Lanny Floyd, DuPont
2002 Biloxi, MS Charlie Hoy, R Stahl, Inc.
2001 Toronto, Ontario John Gallagher, Bayer Corp.
2000 San Antonio, TX Danny Liggett, DuPont
1999 San Diego, CA David Pace, Olin Corp.
1998 Indianapolis, IN Shahid Jamil, Exxon
1997 San Antonio, TX Lynn Roach, Eastman Chemical Co.
1996 San Antonio, TX Kim Eastwood, Thermon Manufacturing Co.
1995 San Antonio, TX Clark Lockerd, Occidental Petroleum
1992 Dallas, TX Co-chairs Don Vardaman, Oryx Energy; Lanny Floyd, DuPont

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