Organizing Committee

Below are the ESW Organizing Committee members for ESW 2019.

Name Title Company Contact
Ken White ESW 2018 Chair IEEE Email | (716) 692-5875
Doug Wettekin 2018 ESW Secretary Olin Email | (716) 692-5875
Paul Sullivan Registration Co-Chair DuPont Email | (803) 424-8373
Rene' Graves ESW 2019 Chair Texas Instruments Email
Frank Tyler Corporate Support Vice Chair DuPont Email | (302) 695-3063
Tim Gauthier Corporate Support Chair AVO Training Email
Dan Doan Electrical Safety Committee Representative IEEE Email
Dennis Hill EventMobi Chair, Technical Vice Chair AECOM Email | (216) 212-4834
Steve Wilson Finance Chair N/A Email | (905) 389-8841
Eva Clark Focus Session Chair Sandia National Laboratories Email
Valerie Wilson Guest Coordinator N/A Email | (905) 389-8841
Steffie Owen Hospitality Chair Shermco Email
Steven Glass Meeting Planner Glass & Associates Email | (210) 887-8679
Dan Cowan Local Committee Chair Email | (817) 992-1138
Joe Rachford Local Committee Vice Chair e-Hazard Email | (859) 992-6542
Kevin Warren Product Expo Chair SEL Inc. Email
Scott Seaver Product Expo co-Vice-Chair CE Power Email | (508) 783 0504
David Pace Publicity Chair Olin Email | (251) 944-3327
Lanny Floyd Publicity Vice Chair IEEE Email | (251) 944-3327
Kevin Lippert Registration Co-Chair Eaton Email
Tim Rohrer Social Media Chair Exiscan Email | (585) 366-0333
Joe Barrios Social Media Vice-Chair Tony Demaria Electric Email
Arthur Smith Standards Chair Nelson Email | (504) 593-5270
Payman Dehghanian Student Program Chair Assistant Professor, George Washington University Email
Jeremy Smith Technical Committee Chair GE Email
Mark Scott Tutorial Program Chair Berkeley Lab Email
Ray Crow Tutorial Program Vice-Chair DRC Consulting Email
Tom Domitrovich Workbook and CD Printing Eaton Email
Evan Twyman Webmaster, EventMobie Vice-Chair e-Hazard Email