Conference Schedule

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Monday, March 19

7:30 - 8:00am IEEE P463 Working Group - Standard for Electrical Safety Practices in Electrolytic Cell Line Working Zones. Texas Ballroom B.

8:00 - 10:00am IEEE P1814 Working Group - Electrical System Design Techniques to Improve Electrical Safety. Texas Ballroom B.

10:00 - 12:00n IEEE P1584 Working Group - Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations. Texas Ballroom B.

1:00 - 3:00pm Electrical Safety Committee Meeting:

3:00 - 6:00pm Various Subcommittee meetings:

Tuesday, March 20

8:00 - 12:00n Tutorial 1: Electrical Safety Basics; Terry Becker, Lanny Floyd, René Graves. Texas Ballroom A.

8:00 - 12:00n Tutorial 2: 2018 Changes to NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace; Daleep Mohla, Ray Crow. Texas Ballroom C.

8:00 - 12:00n Tutorial 3: A Framework for Selection of Incident Energy Mitigation Technology; Antony Parsons. Texas Ballroom G.

11:00 - 1:30 Companions' Luncheon, Stockyard 1. (by invitation)

11:30 - 12:30 Authors' & Student Luncheon, Stockyard 2 (by invitation)

12:00 noon Tutorial Lunch: Texas Ballroom A - D. For Tutorials 1, 2 & 3 Registrants.

ESW 2018 Opening Session

1:00pm ESW2018-01: Welcome to ESW 2018: Ken White, Chair ESW 2018

1:30pm ESW2018-02: Keynote Presentation: Curtis Weber

2:15pm ESW2018-03: The Business Case for an Electrical Safety Program; Michael Kovacic,

3:00pm Refreshment Break

3:30pm ESW2018-04: Failures of Equipment Operating Under Normal Operating Conditions; Paul Sullivan,

3:45pm ESW2018-05: Solar Photovoltaic DC Array Characteristics and Safety; Peter McNutt, Bill Sekulic, Gary R. Dreifuerst,

4:30pm ESW2018-06: Student Focus Session Introduction, Payman Dehghanian

6:00-8:00pm Welcome Reception and Student Posters (5:00 - 7:00) Texas Ballroom Foyer “Prevention through Design Student Engineering Initiative Presentations"

  • David Alejandro, Universidad de Palermo,(Argentina):Safety Considerations in Smart Grid Low-Voltage Equipment Design
  • Iragaba Intwari, University of Texas at Arlington: Potential Impact of AC Frequencies on the Operation of Fuses,
  • Mohammad Heidari, Wichita State University: Enhancing Electric Safety by Designing Preventive and Corrective Policies in Cyber-Enabled Power Systems,
  • Kailun Shi, North China Electric Power University: Voltage Regulation in DC Distribution Networks with Electric Safety Considerations,
  • Liwen Dong, North China Electric Power University: On the Control of Power Electronic Converters for Electricity Grid Operation Safety and Stability

Wednesday, March 21

7:00am Workshop Breakfast: Texas Ballroom Foyer Authors' Breakfast, (by invitation)

7:45am Early Bird Prize Draw

8:00am ESW2018-07: Current Limiting Arc Flash Quenching System For Improved Incident Energy Reduction; Robert Burns, Adams Baker, Dan Hrncir,

8:45am ESW2018-08: Unforeseen Shock Hazards from Code Compliance at an above ground Pipeline Valve Station; Henry Clark, Bill Stewart,

9:00am ESW2018-09: Complete Electrical Risk Assessment Method; Lloyd B. Gordon, Tommy Martinez,

9:45am Refreshment Break

10:15am ESW2018-10: Risk Assessment Myth Busters; Daniel Roberts, L. René Graves,

11:00am ESW2018-11: Convincing the Craftsman - A Study of What Works and What Doesn't with Respect to Educating the Electrical Worker About Electrical Safety; Wes Mozley,

11:45am ESW2018-12: 2018 Electrical Safety Workshop; L. Rene' Graves

12:00 noon Lunch:

1:00pm ESW2018-13: Electrical Safety - A Community Service Project; Joe Rachford,

1:45pm ESW2018-14: Case History on a Tracking Arc; Zarheer Jooma, Hugh Hoagland, Robert W. Hines Jr.,

2:00pm ESW2018-15: Hazards and Safety When Working in Confined or Enclosed Workspaces; Dennis K. Neitzel, Alfonso A. Jo,

2:45pm ESW2018-16: Expo Introduction; Kevin Warren

3:00-6:00pm Product and Services Expo and Social The Latest in Technology and Services

Thursday, March 22

7:00am Workshop Breakfast: Texas Ballroom Foyer Authors' Breakfast, (by invitation)

7:45am Early Bird Prize Draw

8:00am ESW2018-17: Uncovering the Indicators that Lead to Disaster; Robert S. LeRoy,

8:45am ESW2018-18: IEEE/NFPA Research Collaboration Update; Mike Lang, Wei-Jen Lee,

9:00am ESW2018-19: Costa Rica Development towards Electrical Safety; German Moya,

9:45am Refreshment Break

10:15am ESW2018-20: Working Safely with Hazardous Capacitors; Mark A. Scott

11:00am ESW2018-21: Awards and Recognitions; Vince Saporita, Scott Seaver

12:00noon Lunch:

1:00pm ESW2018-22: 100 Years and Counting - What Have We Learned, What Can We Share; Mike Doherty, Al Winfield,

1:45pm ESW2018-23: What Occupational Injury Costs and Workers Compensation Tells Us about Electrical Injuries and the Need to Invest in Electrically Safer Workplaces; Tammy Gammon, Iragaba Intwari,

2:30pm ESW2018-24: A Planned Shutdown, A Thunderstorm, and Damaged Equipment; Michael Nagl

2:45pm Refreshment Break

3:00pm ESW2018-25: Clearing Time Considerations for DC Arc Flash Hazard Analysis of Battery Banks; Kyle D. Carr,

3:45pm ESW2018-26: Advancing Electrical Safety Programs with the Introduction Of Authorized Persons; Arunkumar Aravamudhan, Robert Wagner, Raymund Torres, Edward Bolton

4:30pm ESW2018-27: Focus Session Preview; Eva Clark

4:45 - 6:30pm Focus Session Presentations

  • ESW2018-37: Equipment Operation Near Power Lines; Jennifer L. Martin
  • ESW2018-38: Exploration of the Theory of Electric Shock Drowning; Jesse Alena Kotsch, Brandon Prussak, Michael Morse, James Kohl,
  • ESW2018-39: Reframing Our View of “Electrical" Injuries in the Workplace; Tammy Gammon, Wei-Jen Lee, Iragaba Intwari,
  • ESW2018-40: Service Entrance Disconnect Near Miss; Joel A. Pettit, Jose Chapa,
  • ESW2018-41: Using Spectrum of the Light for High Speed Arcing Fault Protection; Long Zhao, Kun-Long Chen, Shiuan-Hau Rau, Wei-Jen Lee,
  • ESW2018-42: Electrical fatality rate and epidemiology of electrocution in Japan, 2012 - 2014; Norimitsu Ichikawa
  • ESW2018-43: Calculating the Arc Flash Incident Energy in Single-Phase Systems Using a Three-Phase Model; Afshin Majd, Robert Luo, Marvin Devadass,
  • ESW2018-44: Development of a sensor to better inform thermal ratings of arc flash PPE; Joe Potvin, Tom Short,
  • ESW2018-45: Improving Safety Culture Among Non-Electrical Workers; Nehad El-Sherif, Juan R.Lahera, Susan C. Kidd

5:30-7:30pm Networking Social:

Friday, March 23

7:00am Workshop Breakfast: Texas Ballroom Foyer

7:00am Authors' Breakfast, (by invitation)

8:00am Early Bird Prize Draw

8:15am ESW2018-28: Effective Electrical Safety Program Training in Multi-Lingual/Cultural Environments; Michael Kovacic, Karl Cunningham,

9:00am ESW2018-29: Electrical Investigations: Common Electrical Safety Mistakes, and Lessons Learned; Jay Prigmore, Justin Bishop, John Martens

9:45am Refreshment Break

10:00am ESW2018- 30: Introduction to Electrical Safety in the High School for Prospective Engineering Students; Mark Scarborough

10:15am ESW2018-31: Incorporating NFPA 70E at a Utility; Andrew Olsen

11:00am ESW2018-32: Changing the Electrical Safety Culture at a Large Industrial Plant in the Middle East Region; Josh D. Popp, Nicolas Ghosn, Ahmad Saheb,

11:45am ESW2018-33: Workshop Review: Ken White Noon 2018 ESW adjourns

Post Workshop Tutorials

Noon Tutorial Lunch: TBD for Tutorials 4, 5 & 6 Registrants,

1:00 - 5:00pm Tutorial 4: Demonstration of Skills Through Practical Hands on Testing of Qualified Electrical Workers; Michael Kovacic, Karl Cunningham. Stockyard 1.

1:00 - 5:00pm Tutorial 5: Getting Started, Is Your Electrical Safety Program Making the Grade; Bob LeRoy, Jeff Grovom. Sundance 5.

1:00 - 5:00pm Tutorial 6: Electric arc protection perceptions and concerns: current state of standardization in IEEE, IEC, ASTM, and NFPA; Mikhail Golovkov. Sundance 1.