Keynote Speaker

Curtis Weber will be the ESW 2018 keynote speaker.

ESW Keynote Speaker

On July 29th, 1999, seventeen year old Curtis was working on his third day of a new job, on a construction site in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was to spend one last summer at home following his graduation, before moving away from home to play Jr A hockey.

He went to work this day expecting to return home to his family, just like everyone else. Instead, working as a laborer, he came in contact with 40,000 volts of electricity and found himself battling for his life. After his family was told he would not survive, Curtis went on to fight through a six week coma, 7 month hospital stay, suffering 3rd and 4th degree burns to over 60% of his body. He endured over 40 surgeries, including 14 reconstructive/plastic surgeries, and the loss of his right arm and left leg.

After a 6 year recovery, Curtis began a new life journey, one that would see him dedicating his life to educating others and raising safety awareness, in hopes of saving lives. Working in safety for over 10 years as a Speaker, Officer Trainer and Consultant, Curtis developed the skills to do just that. During that time, Curtis has travelled North America, influencing behaviors and inspiring change in the way people perceive safety, through a very personal, heart wrenching and motivational presentation.