How to Submit Reports and Data

In order to be posted on this web site, all reports must contain sufficient detail, so that all important aspects of the measurement setup are explained fully.  The goal of the tests should be clearly stated.  All plots and data presented in the paper must also be available in ASCII text formatted files.  The files should be simple columns of data, with the columns separated by either ‘tab’ or ‘comma’ characters.  The files must be named clearly so that a user can easily understand what data files correspond to which plots and tables in the paper.  (For example, files might be labeled ‘author-name-figure-1.txt’ or something equivalent.)

When a paper contains both measurement and modeled data, then the modeling technique and all details must be explained so a user could repeat the models, if he/she wishes too.

All papers must be submitted in either .html or .pdf formats.  All data must be submitted along with the paper.  Individual data files must be combined into a single zipped or compressed file (using a standard compression format).  WINzip format is preferred.

All submissions should be set softcopy to the Joint EMC Model Validation Committee chairman, Bruce Archambeault at

All submissions will be reviewed by the joint committee members.  Authors will be notified when their submission is accepted, or if additional information is required.

Absolutely no papers with commercial content, or ‘sales’ type papers will be accepted.  Reference to commercial products is acceptable, when that reference will allow a user to better understand the tools used.

Questions concerning this site should be addressed to the Joint EMC Model Validation Committee chairman, Bruce Archambeault at