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The 5th IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC'09)
September 7-11, 2009, Dearborn, MI 48128
Sustainability, Hybrid, Plug-in, Battery


The conference will offer six tutorials on Monday September 7, 2009. Tutorials will include top experts from the field, covering lithium batteries for PHEV applications, thermal phenomenon in vehicular electronics, HEV/PHEV modeling, hardware in the loop simulations, and more. 
(Please note we no longer accepting tutorial proposals.)

Tutorial registration is through the same registration link at

Your conference registration includes tutorial. (But please indicate whether you will attend tutorials so that we have accurate count for seats and food for Monday)

However, if you only attend the tutorial not attending the conference, then you will pay $100 for each tutorial.

All Tutorials are conducted on Monday September 7, 2009

Each tutorial is 3 hours lecture time plus 45 minutes break in the middle (total 3h45min)

Morning: 8:30am-12:15pm; Afternoon: 1:45-5:30pm

  time Title
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SiC-Based Devices for Automotive Power Conversion Applications

Dr. Burak Ozpineci
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2 8:30am-12:15pm

Thermal Stress Failure in Electronics Prediction and Prevention

Dr. E. Suhir

University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

3 8:30am-12:15pm

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Transportation 2.0

Dr. Ali Emadi
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, USA

4 1:45pm-5:30pm

Lithium Batteries—The next Generation of Power Source for Vehicles

X. Q. Yang
Brookhaven National Lab. Upton, NY11973, USA

5 1:45pm-5:30pm

Modeling of Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Energy Management, French network on HEVs

MEGEVH, French network on HEVs, University of Lille

6 1:45pm-5:30pm

Fundamentals of Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion with Sensor Design and Hybrid Vehicle Application

Laszlo M Hideg

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Chrysler LLC