Minutes of the IEEE Buffalo Section Board Meeting

February 12, 2013


A meeting of the IEEE Buffalo Section Board was held at the University at Buffalo Davis Hall, Room 229 [1]  in Amherst, N.Y., on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, at 6:30 p.m.



Ashish Shah, Chair

Gregory C. Koch, Vice Chair

Thomas M. Heckmann, Treasurer

Paul G. Ardounis, Secretary, and Committee Director, Graduates of Last Decade (GOLD)


Christopher L. Mierzwa, Committee Director, Power Engineering, and Committee Director of Industrial Applications


Marlin R. Gillette, Former Chair, Buffalo Section, Committee Director of Microwave Theory & Techniques Society, and Antennas & Propagation Society


Norman E. Schweitzer, Committee Director, Computer Society, and Control Systems Society


James R. Bates, Committee Director of Membership Development, Committee Director of Engineering Management

Philip M. Henderson II, Committee Director of Advertisement and Contributions


Secretary’s Note:



Review of January 2013 Minutes:




Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer presented the Concentration Banking including L50 & Net Suite.  There was also a review of expenses.

Program & Arrangements:


Eagle House Meeting: Inducting New Officers.


UB Student Night: Speaker Tom Popek, EE/JD; Tuesday, February 26, 2013;



TSC Meeting:  Thursday, March 21, 2013.  Judy to poll how many people to attend.


April/May:  Hamilton Tour


May:  Ampac Space Propulsion –   Talk/Presentation


June/July: Social Event – Winery?

Include GOLD Members


OPG Tour of Power Plant w/Hamilton IEEE in Canada.


IEEE Awards assigned to: Judy / Paul


Organizational Matters

By motion, the Board is looking into the nomination of Sheldon Kennedy, Senior Member for IEEE Fellow.


By motion, the Board would like to look at translating the Buffalo Section Archives to Electronic Documents.


Review of the Buffalo Section Website.


New Business


IEEE Buffalo policy requests in NY State.


Greg:  Proposal for paperless Section.


Umbrella Insurance for events; yes.


Sections congress goals; March 2013


UB Robotics & Automation Society; Jennifer to start launch.


Letter from UB IEEE Buffalo Section:  Proposal for Support (Brian - Chair)


Committee Actions

The Chair will attend the Region 1 Meeting in March 2013 at JFK Airport.


The GOLD Chair will contact Region 1

GOLD Coordinator.


Chris to get Buffalo Archives and hold

meeting on Saturday, 2/16/13.


Jim to check meeting notices to

Carl Klingenschmitt and Sheldon Kennedy.


Joe/Norm:  Who gets IEEE Buffalo Section



The Chair will report on the Western Region

Conference call.


The next meeting of the Board would be held at Davis Hall, Room 230A, UB North Campus on March 07, 2013,

6:30pm – 8:30pm. [2]

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Paul G. Ardounis


  1. The Buffalo Section Meeting was held at Davis Hall, Room 229, Amherst, NY: http://www.buffalo.edu/buildings/building?id=davis.  Return to text
  2. The Buffalo Section Meeting will be held at Davis Hall, Room 230A, Amherst, NY: http://www.buffalo.edu/buildings/building?id=davis.  Return to text





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