Minutes of the IEEE Buffalo Section Board Meeting

April 11, 2013


A meeting of the IEEE Buffalo Section Board was held at the University at Buffalo Davis Hall, Room 230A [1]  in Amherst, N.Y., on Thursday, April 11, 2013,

at 6:30 p.m.




Ashish Shah, Chair

Gregory C. Koch, Vice Chair

Thomas M. Heckmann, Treasurer

Paul G. Ardounis, Secretary, and Committee Director, Graduates of Last Decade (GOLD)


Christopher L. Mierzwa, Committee Director, Power Engineering, and Committee Director of Industrial Applications


Marlin R. Gillette, Former Chair, Buffalo Section, Committee Director of Microwave Theory & Techniques Society, and Antennas & Propagation Society


Norman E. Schweitzer, Committee Director, Computer Society, and Control Systems Society


Philip M. Henderson II, Committee Director of Advertisement and Contributions

Judith M. Moskal, Committee Director, Communications Society


Mary J. Christ, Committee Director of PACE

Joseph S. Ott, Embedded Software Engineer, DSP/VoIP






Secretary’s Note:

Review of March 2013 Minutes:


Accepted, w/ corrections (Page 4)


Treasurer’s Report:


Advertising was approved for March/April on Facebook.


There were two (2) transactions on Facebook. (Tom Heckmann)


Program & Arrangements:


March 21, 2013 – TSC 2013

Meeting Update

Total people who attended were 120. (Christopher L. Mierzwa)

Total people from IEEE Buffalo were 16. (Judith M. Moskal)


April 19, 2013 – Student Seminar

Speaker:  Svetlana Bachmann, PhD. Engineer at Lockheed Martin

Topic:  Weather Radar & MPAR

Location:  Holiday Inn, Niagara Falls Blvd.


May – Speaker Series

Speaker:  Jim Zappa, Senior Project Engineer

Topic:  Ampac Space Propulsion

Location:  Cancelled (Tom Heckmann)


Possible Greatbach Speaker (Ashish Shah)

Lithium Ion Colleague

Week of May 16th 2013.



June – Big Becky Tour (Ontario, Canada)

·         Possible Mid-June, before 22nd (Greg Koch)

·         OPG tour with Hamilton section (international IEEE funding to be determined by Tom).

July/August – Social Event (Paul Ardounis)


·         Wine tasting

·         Bisons Game – Pettibones Grille

·         Not last 2-weeks in August

·         Date - TBD


August – GM Tonawanda Engine Tour

·         Open House Tour – LGE / GENV Engines

·         Date - TBD


National / Region 1 / Western Area Meeting March 8, 2013 (Ashish Shah)

·         Promote GOLD within your region.

·         List of all meetings (L31) and sections that do not fill out forms properly listed.  IEEE Buffalo was OK.

·         Next year (2014) – IEEE USA Meeting of Region 1 – Providence, Rhode Island

·         Need people for support, IEEE USA is not growing, now growth is shifting outside USA.

·         Region 1 Old Director – Peter Eckstein

·         Region 1 New Director – Vincent Socci

·         Would anyone like to work for Region 1 Director?

·         Buffalo Section first to use NETSUITE financial reporting tool.  Training can be found on the CSE site.

·         May 15-18, 2014 – Region 1 Section Congress Meeting to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Cost of $1,500 - $2,000 USD / person.  Purpose:  Section Guidelines for the next three years.

·         PACE money available: $1K / event, $2K/ Section.  Member focused to promote training using V-tools.

·         IEEE USA 2013 meeting: Portland, Oregon.

·         Nothing yet on awards. (Judy Moskal)



Organizational Matters


Computer – none

Control Systems – The 2012 Outstanding Controls System Society Chapter Award was presented to Norman E. Schweitzer.

Communications – none

Engineering Management – none

Gold – Look into Social Event

Microwave Theory & Techniques – none

Antennas & Propagation – none

Power Engineering – Possible event mid-July.

Industry Applications - none


Old Business


The Buffalo Section Archives (Judy & Greg)

·         They include; old reports, minutes & photos.

·         Do we keep them? Scan them?

·         Tesla Monument History

·         Possible social event to look at archives.


The Buffalo Section Website (Joe Ott)

·         Consolidate Main Home Page

·         Send any comments to Joe Ott


LinkedIn / Facebook (Greg Koch)

·         179 Likes on FB

·         40K friends of FB members

·         11K+ people viewed our adds on FB

·         7,396 referred by others on FB

·         LinkedIn members went from 210 to 222


PACE (Mary Christ)

·         Tour of University at Buffalo for 16-25 age groups.  People from Albany come to Buffalo.

·         Proposal from Toronto Meeting: expenses


IEEE Insurance (Tom Heckmann)

·         All members covered under group insurance for IEEE Events; which includes an alcohol rider.



New Business


Fellow Nomination

·         Needs to be active in R1

·         Need to know the member

·         Provide a tour and/or lecture

·         R1 deadline in March


Committee Actions

BEAM TREK 2013 requested $750.

·         TSC provides $2K to BEAM. 

·         Phil Henderson opened motion for $200 donation to BEAM.  Motion passed.

·         By unanimous vote, the Board approved $200 for BEAM TREK scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2013.







Action Items

·         Ashish – Lithium ion presentation (May 2013)

·         Greg – Hamilton Tour (June 2013)

·         Paul – Social Event (July/August)

·         Paul – GM Tonawanda Engine 75th Anniversary Tour (August 2013)

·         Mary – PACE Topics

·         Joe – IEEE Buffalo Web Page update





March 7, 2013 Minutes: Corrections

The Board unanimously approved the minutes of the IEEE Buffalo Board meeting held on April 11, 2013, with the following corrections:


1.      University at Buffalo IEEE Students who attended the 2013 Region 1 Student Conference @ MIT.


o   William Dell'Anno, Vice President

o   Peter Casey, Secretary

o   Mack Ward

o   Ciro Ceriello, Treasurer

o   Tim Rogers

o   Joseph Materski

o   Brian Gurewich, President

o   David Kishlar

o   Alex Wende

o   Christian Murphy

o   Alexy Mikhailichenko

o   Scott Will


2.      Jennifer  Zirnheld reported on Student Night.

3.      MIT event reported by Kevin Burke, Jennifer  Zirnheld, and the new student officers.

4.      By unanimous vote, the Board approved $300 for UB IEEE Student Chapter for Region 1 Student Conference @ MIT.  Students Bill Dell’Anno & Peter Casey were present to accept the donation.

5.      For April: Marlin requested details for advertising speaker from Lockheed Martin, Moorestown, NJ. Presentation title: Next Generation Weather RADAR. This speaker format is split between classroom course credit and hotel dinner session. (Marlin)

6.      “Big Becky” OPG tour with Hamilton section (international IEEE funding to be determined by Tom). (Greg)

7.      Facebook advertising funding request approved and voted on (unanimous) for Mar - Apr timeframe. Greg gave a demonstration of entering event information on Facebook using the projector screen: the board participated in adding both the TSC Annual Joint Meeting and Next Generation Weather RADAR events in 8-10 minutes. (Greg)

8.      There was no question or vote raised about keeping the archives.  Judy volunteered to review the files for historic materials, also specifically for IEEE’s known involvement with the Tesla Memorial Society. (Judy)

9.      Unanimous approval of procedure change to email board members of next meeting date and venue within 24 hours of last meeting. (Kevin)


The next meeting of the Board would be held at Davis Hall, Room 230A, University at Buffalo, North Campus on May 23, 2013,

6:30pm – 8:30pm. [2]

The meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m.


Paul G. Ardounis

  1. The Buffalo Section Meeting was held at Davis Hall, Room 230A, Amherst, NY: http://www.buffalo.edu/buildings/building?id=davis.  Return to text
  2. The Buffalo Section Meeting will be held at Davis Hall, Room 230A, Amherst, NY: http://www.buffalo.edu/buildings/building?id=davis.  Return to text

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