Minutes of the IEEE Buffalo Section Board Meeting

December 17, 2013


A meeting of the IEEE Buffalo Section Board was held at the University at Buffalo Davis Hall, Room 230A [1]  in Amherst, N.Y., on Tuesday, December 17, 2013,

at 6:30 p.m.




Ashish Shah, Chair

Gregory C. Koch, Vice Chair

Marlin R. Gillette

Norman E. Schwitzer

Philip M. Henderson II

Judith M. Moskal

Mary J. Christ

Joe S. Ott

Steven Rhoads II, PE.

Michael von Heckler


Guests:  None


Secretary’s Note:

Call to Order 6:30pm


Review of November 2013 Minutes:

Corrections to Minutes: Correction

To Chair’s Last Name


Treasurer’s Report:











Committee Reports Program & Arrangements:


National Fuel Meeting – Corporate Office


BEAM – Arrange Middle School Tour in 2014

PACE may allow to retroactively pay ½ of bill.

Mary will look into this. ($488)










Upcoming Events




                KOM Automation

                23rd of January @ 6:30pm

355 Commerce Drive

Amherst, NY 14338             


January 9, 2014 – Dinner Meeting

Eagle House at 6:30pm



            Student Night

Jennifer to see if recent graduate can speak to students on jobs and keeping jobs



            TSC Dinner / Meeting


April / May

                Niagara Transformer Tour

                Steve Rhodes to check


National / Region 1 / Western Area        Update



Societies Chapters


Computer – none

Control Systems – none

Communications – none

Engineering Management – none

Gold – Invite to Student Night

Microwave Theory & Techniques – none

Antennas & Propagation – none

Power Engineering – none

Industry Applications – none


TSC – none

ASME – none


PACE – none

EPICS – none



Old Business


Gold – No Report


Buffalo section archive – No Report


Buffalo section website – No Report


LinkedIn – No Report

Facebook – No Report


PACE – None


New Business


2014 Buffalo IEEE Officers

Chair – Greg C. Koch

Vice Chair – Judith M. Moskal

Treasurer – Joseph S. Ott

Secretary – Mary Christ

Director – Steven E. Rhodes PE


New Officers to provide to Joe Ott:




Contact Information


Spend more money on IEEE Members ; Worthwhile Grants / donations.


Mary – TSC Chair

Chris – IAS Chair

Steve – Power Chair



Review Action Items

Submit copy of Officers to Region 1 (Greg)


Section 2014 Congress in Amsterdam –

RSVP by 22-24th August (Board)


IEEE Website – Change Officers (Ashish)


Transfer Treasures duties to Joe; checkbooks / credit card in Joe’s name (Tom)


Concentration Banking (Greg)


 Discuss an Electronic Directory (Board)


Report # of Meeting (L31) to IEEE (Judy)


Check on Speakers from Rochester (Mary)

                Joint Meeting


IEEE Mugs (Judy)


KOM Automation Tour (Judy)


Student Night (Jennifer / Ashish)


Must attend Region 1 Meetings (Board)


IEEE USA Meeting – Rhoad Island, NY USA (Board)














The next meeting / dinner of the Board would be held at The Eagle House in Williamsville, NY on January 9, 2014, 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

The meeting adjourned at 7:52 p.m.


Paul G. Ardounis

  1. The Buffalo Section Meeting was held at Davis Hall, Room 230A, Amherst, NY: http://www.buffalo.edu/buildings/building?id=davis.  Return to text

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