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Chapter Officers

Chair: Sanjiv Rai

Vice-Chair: Thomas G. Freund

Jigar Parsana

Chief Events Coordinator:
Thomas G. Freund (interim)

Chief Publisher-Web Content and Email: Jigar Parsana

Editor - IEEE, Computer Society, CT Newsletter: Juan Luna

Past Officers:

Ex-Chair: Ahmed Alawy

Ex-Chair: Greg Boria

Brief Bio of present Officers:

Chair: Sanjiv Rai
(Email - s.r at
Sanjiv is the CEO and Chief Research Architect at Advanced Radio Engineering (ARE) Technologies Inc. Sanjiv has been a distinguished entrepreneur and research practitioner for the past 12 (twelve) years with a recognized track record in creating high-impact inventions and managing international business. He has been rated as the “Top 10 emerging star entrepreneurs in the ICT industry” and as one of Top IT Innovators in the past. Sanjiv is a frequent speaker and chairs various conferences and committees both within and outside the organization on Technology initiatives across the world. Sanjiv owns several Intellectual Properties as an inventor and author, which at times have been commended as Killer inventions by the Wireless and Nano-electronics Industry. Sanjiv is the chief architect behind D5 Technology and AceWP Standard. In addition to his role as the CEO, he has been a key driver behind Lean Six-Sigma and CMMI-IPPD rigor at ARE. Towards his other IEEE community services, Sanjiv also currently serves as the Chair - Radio and Convergence Technologies at the IEEE, Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Communication (TCCC) and is a Working Group member of IEEE P1690 Nanotechnology Standards WG of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council

Sanjiv’s Research areas:
Sanjiv’s primary area of research is aimed at developing a “Unified theory of communication and wireless computing” where the radio behavior can be changed based on user demand (on-the-fly) for intensive Wireless computing by converging Internet Protocols over Radios (in their universal form starting 3 MHz up to 300 GHz) through unique interfaces and architectural changes that facilitate seamless Data and Voice communication towards 4G integration and beyond. His study involves Hybrid standards, Protocol Interfaces, Software Defined Radios and Molecular computing & Computer architecture models on various Nanotechnology platforms with a special emphasis on Carbon tubes.

Vice Chair: Thomas G. Freund
( E-mail - digysol at Voice - 860-232-1614) 

Tom has 30+ years of expertise in systems design, development, and deployment for: 

         Automated test equipment

         Manufacturing process control

         Scheduling systems

         Building infrastructure management

         Remote equipment monitoring and diagnosis

 He has been involved in projects that enabled technological breakthroughs in composites curing, metal machining process control, and equipment diagnosis. Tom is currently involved in the development of remote diagnosis and monitoring systems for HVAC and power equipment. 


Secretary and Chief Publisher, Web Content and Email: Jigar Parsana
(Email - j.p at
Jigar currently heads up the Technology department at Equipment Pipeline Inc, He has been working in the field of software engineering for over 8 years in designing and development of Internet based systems.

Parsana's role at Equipment Pipeline involves managing the software development and IT operations for the company. He creates and implements the IT strategy needed by Equipment Pipeline to deliver solutions to its clients. He also takes an active part in designing and development of solutions and serves as an advisor to the Executives of the company.

Jigar is currently pursuing his masters at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Hartford. He is an avid tennis player and likes to compete in various tournaments in the state of Connecticut.


Editor: Juan Luna
(Email - jjluna at
Juan J. Luna is an Electronic Engineer based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Growing up in Mexico, he studied at the University of Valle De Mexico campus Tlalpan where he received his Bachelor's Degree. During his first work year experience he was captivated by software testing and quality assurance, since then he has been working in the software field. He has performed manual and automated test with several tools at the beginning of his career; after a couple of years he starts working and managing testing and quality assurance teams. Back in 2004 he emphasize his knowledge in software processes obtaining a couple of certifications in Six-Sigma and in Rational Unified Process. In 2005 he joins an American company in Stamford, CT where he has been performing the roles of system analyst, process engineer and project lead.


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