Geographic Unit Formation Process

At its 19 November 2011 meeting, the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board approved a motion to revise the geographic unit formation petition process for Sections, Subsections, Chapters, and Affinity Groups, effective 1 January 2012. The revisions were developed as a result of an audit of the current process that identified opportunities for more stringent risk management and compliance control.

Petition organizers should be aware of the primary process revisions for petitions to form Sections, Subsections, Chapters, or Affinity Groups. They are:

  • The petition organizer is responsible for communicating their intent to begin the petition process with the geographic parent's executive committee, prior to gathering signatures on a petition. Prior to submission of the completed petition to MGA staff, the organizer must obtain the signed endorsement on the new geographic unit petition form from a member of the geographic parent's executive committee. This step ensures awareness of the organizer's intent and their willingness to coordinate efforts with the geographic parent.
  • The organizer shall complete a business plan summary sheet to indicate the planned meetings and activities for the initial six months of the proposed geographic unit. The business plan summary sheet is included on the revised petition form. The business plan form shall include the signature of a member of the geographic parent executive committee, which will indicate the geographic parent's endorsement of the business plan.
  • The organizer and petition signers must have been IEEE members for a minimum of six months.

These revised requirements do NOT apply to petitions for Student Branches, Student Branch Chapters or Student Branch Affinity Groups.

All geographic unit formation petition forms are posted to the following web page: