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  • Fifty Years in Control Engineering; changes in Technology and Manufacturing. 2005 Electrical Manufacturing Lecture Wednesday 14 September 2005, Presentation 6.00pm Hawken Auditorium, Engineering House 447 Upper Edward Street, Brisbane, click here to get more information.
  • Reconfigurable Computing & Real-Time Systems Professor Neil Bergmann, University of Queensland Thursday 25th August 2005, Talk at 6.15pm Engineering House, 447 Upper Edward St, Brisbane, click here to get more information.


  • A lecture by John Billingsley, Australia, on Mechatronics; to be held on 02 August 2004
  • A lecture (TBA) by Hideki Hashimoto, Japan, on Intelligent Space; to be held in September 2004; and
  • A Workshop on Non-linear Control Methods and Tools by Petar Kokotovic, USA, Miroslav Krstic, USA and Iven Mareels, Australia; to be held on 01 November 2004.


  • A lecture on Improving Your Process Control Makes Sense and Dollars Too by Professor Mike Brisk, Monash University, Australia; the lecture was held in August 2003;
  • A lecture on Model Predictive Control, State Estimation and Coordinated Vehicles by the IEEE – CSS Distinguished Lecturer, Professor Robert R Bitmead, University of California, San Diego, USA; the lecture was held in October 2003.
  • The Intelligent Robotics Workshop. Thanks to financial support from the Region 10, the Chapter was successful in bringing the distinguished and respectful Japanese researchers, Professor Fumio Harashima and Professor Toshi Fukuda. The Australian researchers A/Prof Lovell and A/Prof Vlacic also presented some of their research results recently achieved in the field.
    The workshop addressed topics as follows:
    • Interaction and Intelligence: A New Direction of Robotics Research
      Professor Fumio Harashima, Tokyo Denki University, Japan
    • Recent Progress of Robotics and Mechatronic Technology
      Professor Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University, Japan
    • Cooperation and Interaction Among Road Vehicles
      Associate Professor Ljubo Vlacic, Griffith University, Australia
    • Advances in Computer Vision for Road and Traffic Applications
      Associate Professor Brian Lovell, The University of Queensland, Australia

The Workshop was held in December 2003.




  • Lecture on "The Recent Development in Mechatronics", by Professor Okyay Kaynak of Bogazici University, Turkey;
  • Workshop on Intelligent Control with topics on:
  • Computational Intelligence in Robotics, by the IEEE-RAS Distinguished Lecturer Professor Toshio Fukuda of the University of Nagoya, Japan;
  • Hybrid Control Systems, by the IEEE - CSS Distinguished Lecturer Professor Panos Antsaklis of the University of Notre Dame, USA; and
  • Cooperative Mobile Robots, by Ljubo Vlacic, Australia.

Also, ACE 2000, IFAC/IEEE Symposium on Advances in Control Education (chaired by L Vlacic) and the Sixth IEEE International Workshop on VSS (chaired by X Yu), both held in December 2000 at the Gold Coast, Queensland, were successfully organised in cooperation with the Chapter.


  • The Inaugural meeting minutes; and
  • “Let us Get All Our Robots Together”: technical presentation, focused on the projects in robotics undertaken by Chapter members and their host institutions (employers), namely Dr J Sitte of QUT on Desk Robots, Dr X Yu of CQU on Robo-Soccer and Dr L Vlacic of GU on Cooperative Robots.