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July 3rd-8th


The 4th International Conference and Workshop on Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials was held at The University of Queensland, Brisbane. The conference was sponsored by the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society. The organising committee was chaired by Professor Mat Darveniza of The University of Queensland.

The conference attracted interest from around the world, with 175 of the 264 participants coming from 24 overseas countries. The main participants came from Japan (74), Australia (71), Korea (16), Germany (10), South Africa (9), Canada (8), France (8), China (7), Sweden (7), and the USA (6).

$5,000 from the proceeds of the conference was used in 1997 to create a Queensland Section Distinguished Lecturer Fund. The Fund's objective was to entice distinguished visitors - already in Australia for some other reason - to visit the Queensland Section and present a lecture on a topic of their choice and of interest to the section's members.

A conference pamphlet is available here.

A summary of the conference proceedings is available here.

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