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 +====== 1998 Events archive ======
 +==== November 18th ====
 +=== Annual General Meeting ===
 +<html><div class="rhm"></html>
 + The 1998 Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday the 18th of November at the University of Queensland. Chapter chairs and student chapters gave their reports for 1998.\\
 +At the AGM the IEEE Queensland Section chair Dr. Mohamed Deriche congratulated the following members for being elected to their 1999 positions:\\
 +<html><strong>Vice-chair</strong></html>: M. Bennamoun\\
 +<html><strong>Treasurer</strong></html>: S. Ellis\\
 +<html><strong>Secretary</strong></html>: R. Sitte\\
 +<html><strong>Technical Activities</strong></html>: A. Dawood\\
 +<html><strong>Membership Development and Email Co-ordinator</strong></html>: E. Palmer\\
 +<html><strong>Newsletter Editors</strong></html>: J. Faichney and M. Keir\\
 +<html><strong>Webmaster</strong></html>: P. Sutton\\
 +The 1998 AGM Report is located <html><a class="lnk" onclick="getPDF('agmreport1998.pdf')">here</a></html>.
 +====== ======
 +<html><hr /></html>
 +  * <html><a class="lnk" onclick="newPage('oldevents')">Past Events</a></html>
 +  * <html><a class="lnk" onclick="newPage('archives')">Section archive</a></html>
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