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 +====== 2007 Photo Gallery archive ======
 +===== March 24th-25th =====
 +=== IEEE Region 10 Meeting at the Nexus Resort Karambunai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia===
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 +Section Chair Vaughan Clarkson attended the 2007 Region 10 conference with Vice-chair Joe Dong. Vaughan reported (in part):
 +"I was pleased to see that Queensland received honourable mentions at least a couple of times during the meeting as an example of a Section that is doing things right. In fact, I was rather hopeful that our Section would win the R10 Distinguished Section Award (Large Section category) but that honour went to the very deserving Malaysia Section who pipped our 2006 membership growth rate of 23% by a couple of percentage points. I was also able to participate in a couple of smaller focus groups: one on how to improve Section activities and another on an embryonic proposal for an IEEE accreditation programme in wireless communications." \\
 +Full details of the conference program are available <html><a class="lnk" onclick="openPage('www.ieeer10.org/region-10-meetings/2007-2.html')">here</a></html>.
 +====== ======
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