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 +|{{:pic_1.jpg?600x400}} \\ Mr. James Bangay presenting the opportunity of a new infrastructure for Queensland|{{:pic_2.jpg?600x400}} \\ Mr. Terry Miller presenting the Powerlink Queensland's 2012 Annual Planning Report ||
 +|{{:pic_3.jpg?800x600}}\\ Assoc. Prof. Brent Petersen presents his seminar at UQ on 17th August 2012||
 +|{{:pic_5.jpg?600x300}}\\ Prof. Sanaz Mostaghim, Valerie Cross and Pauline Haddow at IEEE WCCI in Brisbane |{{:pic_6.jpg?600x300}} \\ Networking and Reception at IEEE WCCI in Brisbane|
 +|{{:pic_7.jpg?1000x600}}\\ Young ICT Explorer |
 +|{{:pic_8.jpg?600x400}}\\ IEEE CIS Summer School | {{:pic_9.jpg?600x400}}\\ Mr. Terry McConnell presenting Reducing Network Investment through Demand Management and Energy Conservation |
 +Note: These pictures have been extracted from IEEE Queensland newsletter. For detailed information, please refer to our newsletter section.
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