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IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS), Baltimore Section

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Baltimore PELS Committee

The Baltimore Power Electronics Society Committee consists of local professionals working in the field of high power electronics.

Dr. Stephen Bayne - Chair

Dr. Stephen B. Bayne (SM '04) received his PhD, MS and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University. 

After completing his Doctorial studies, he joined the Naval Research Lab (NRL) where he was an electronics engineer, designing advanced power electronics systems for space power applications.  After two and a half years at NRL, Dr. Bayne transferred to the Army Research Lab (ARL) where he conducted research on Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices for power electronics and pulsed power applications.  Dr. Bayne was promoted to Team Leader, where he led the power components team which consisted of five engineers. As the Team Leader, Dr. Bayne was responsible for advanced research in high temperature and advance power devices for Army applications.   After one and a half years as Team Leader, Dr. Bayne was promoted to Branch Chief of the Directed Energy Branch. 

Dr. Bayne has several journals and conference publications and is very active in IEEE.

Matthew Superczynski - Co-Chair

Matt Superczynski graduated Virigina Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1998 and currently is a manager in the area of power electronics design engineering at Northrop Grumman.

Dr. Thomas Roettger - Treasurer

Dr. Thomas D. Roettger (SM '94) received his PhD, MS and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.

Dr. Roettger currently is a Fellow Engineer at Northrop Grumman's Electronics Systems Sector for Marine Systems in Sykesville, Maryland. He has over 20 years experience and 3 patents in the fields of aerospace, computer, and marine power systems, and nonlinear control.

Dr. Roettger has presented papers both nationally and internationally and is very active in IEEE.

Heather O'Brien - Secretary

Heather O'Brien (M '04) was born in Carmel, NY. Heather earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering at Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, in 2003.

She is an electrical engineer with Berkeley Research Associates of Beltsville, MD, and is currently working in the area of power components at the Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, MD. During her time at Harvey Mudd, she worked on projects for the NASA Ames Laboratory and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Ms. O'Brien had poster and oral presentations on high power solid state switches at the most recent Pulse Power and Power Modulator Conferences, as well as at the 2006 Electromagnetic Launch Symposium.

Dr. Edward Shaffer - Advisor

Ed Shaffer heads the Directed Energy and Power Generation Division at the Army Research Laboratory.

Dr. Dimosthenis (Dimos) Katsis - Advisor

Dimosthenis Katsis received his bachelor’s of science degree in electrical engineering at Virginia Tech in 1995.  Dimos’s main interests focused on solar and electric vehicles during his academic career at Virginia Tech. This interest led to graduate studies in power electronics and electric vehicle drives at the Virginia Power Electronics Center (VPEC).  Dimos received his master’s degree from Virginia Tech in 1997.  Dimos then joined General Electric in Salem , VA and was enrolled in the Edison Engineering program where he contributed to the development of a new generation of high power AC drives for steel making.  

In the fall of 1999 Dimos returned to Virginia Tech to pursue a doctorate in power electronics at the newly formed Center for Power Electronic Systems.  Dimos used his background in six-sigma reliability work gained at GE to focus his research on reliability of power semiconductor modules upon his return to obtain his PhD in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech.  Dimos the joined the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in 2003 where he developed power electronic systems support applications for the battlefield.  These projects included battle power generation, electric drives for hybrid electric vehicles, and high temperature silicon carbide power semiconductor modules.  

Dimos is president of Athena Energy an engineering consulting company dedicated to power electronics design, device characterization, and reliability.

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