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Meeting Number:   4

May 23, 2006


Maryland CHART System


Dr. Donald JG Chiarella
MIS Section Chief
Maryland Traffic Safety Analysis Division


Tuesday, May 23, 2006


5:45 PM:   Snacks
6:00 PM:   Talk begins


Historical Electronics Museum (HEM)
1745 W. Nursery Road, Linthicum, MD 21090

Please Respond To

Please respond to if you are planning to attend this meeting. Also, let me know if you will be joining us afterwards at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner so I can make reservations. Again, only the speaker’s dinner is paid for. The rest of us need to pay our own way.


This talk will be on the Maryland CHART System. CHART stands for Coordinated Highways Action Response Team. Chart is a part of the State Operations Center at Hanover. It is a real-world application of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Operations Management. Chart is a traffic safety project, which implements the statewide video cameras system seen on the TV news. It is one of the biggest signal processing systems using T1 lines statewide.


Dr. Chiarella has 35 years experience as a civil servant for the Navy, GSA, and the State Highways. He has 3 years experience in the DOD contract sector. He is an adjunct professor in Data Communications at Aspen University graduate school online (DTEC certified) and a past adjunct at UMUC, Anne Arundel CC, Catonsville CC. Dr. Chiarella attended the Air Force Academy, St Mary's College, Univ Maryland (BA - Urbs/IFSM), American Univ (MS-Tech Mgt), GW Univ (Govt Contract Law), Kennedy Western online (Ph.D. - Mgt Info Systems).

Dr. Chiarella is a member of the MD T2 Center - civil engineering and ITS systems. He is presently the Homeland Security Manager for SHA Office of Traffic and Safety in Motor Carrier Division. Dr. Chiarella has written 10 books, which can be found at He has built over 20 major software systems for the government in ADABAS/NATRURAL, COBOL/ADAMINT, Clipper, DBASE II, III, IV, RBASE 5000, PL/SQL, HTML on IBM Mainframes and PCs. He is also an expert on Oracle. He is certified in Computer Security Management and Data Resources Management. He is a member IEEE, MAA, USNI, AFCEA and alumni orgs.

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