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Meeting Number:   7

October 23, 2006


Intelligent Vehicle Systems


Richard Bishop
Bishop Consulting
PO Box 80
Granite, MD 21163


Monday, October 23, 2006


5:45 PM:   Snacks
6:00 PM:   Talk begins


Historical Electronics Museum (HEM)
1745 W. Nursery Road, Linthicum, MD 21090

Please Respond To

Please respond to if you are planning to attend this meeting. Also, let me know if you will be joining us afterwards at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner so I can make reservations. Again, only the speaker’s dinner is paid for. The rest of us need to pay our own way.


Intelligent Vehicle systems (IV) are aimed at enhancing safety, increasing productivity, and providing less stress for vehicle operators. Mr. Richard Bishop, an industry expert, will present the Baltimore section with an intimate glimpse into the field of IV technology. Mr. Bishop will bring a few copies of his book Intelligent Vehicle Technology and Trends for sale to those interested in learning more.


Mr. Bishop is founder of Bishop Consulting and supports clients internationally in research and business development within the intelligent vehicles arena. His clients have included federal government agencies, public transit providers, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, research laboratories, state DOTs, and technology firms worldwide. He is Chair of the International Task Force on Vehicle-Highway Automation, and serves as a U.S. expert to ISO TC204 Working Group 16 on ITS Communications. He is also the publisher of ( ), which covers intelligent vehicle developments.

Mr. Bishop has authored a text entitled, Intelligent Vehicle Technology and Trends, published in 2005 by Artech House (available at ). The book examines real-world products as well as practical issues including cost, market aspects, driver interface, and user acceptance.

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