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Meeting Number:   11

December 11, 2007

The Communications Society and the Signal Processing Society are offering a short course in the IEEE Expert Now series. See the web site at:


IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS): Merging the Mobile and the Internet World


Vijay K. Varma
Senior Scientist
Wireless Systems Research Department
Telcordia Technologies
Red Bank, NJ


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


5:30 PM:   Food
6:00 PM:   Presentation begins


Historical Electronics Museum (HEM)
1745 W. Nursery Road, Linthicum, MD 21090

Please Respond To

Please respond to if you are planning to attend this 1 hour course.


The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is considered as the platform of choice for providing a unified session control on top of various access network technologies for realizing flexible multimedia applications. IMS, with its access-agnostic session layer, is also driving the concept of merging the fixed and mobile telecommunication networks with the Internet and the adoption of IP technologies within the telecom domain. IMS represents conceptually a combination of the traditional fixed and mobile networks from the telecom domain with emerging VoIP and Internet applications in order to implement a seamless multimedia service environment. This tutorial will address IMS vision, IMS concepts, procedures, protocols and services, fixed-mobile convergence, standardization activities, and early deployments of IMS networks.

After completing this course you should be able to develop an understanding of:
      Concepts, principles, applications, services, and real-world experiences of IMS

Click on the following link for the Glossary and References given in the presentation.

      IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS): Merging the Mobile and the Internet World


Vijay K. Varma is a Senior Scientist in the Wireless Systems Research Department of Telcordia Technologies, Red Bank, NJ. He has over 20 years experience in wireless communications and has been involved in various systems issues, including modulation techniques, speech coding, signaling and call control protocols, wireless data, mobility management protocols, and wireless network architectures.

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