Richard B. Gomez received his Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Texas Western College in 1963, his Master of Science degree in physics from the University of Texas at El Paso in 1965, and earned his Ph.D. in physics from New Mexico State University, in 1976. He has worked in industry (Texas Instruments and ANSER), in federal government, and in academia (University of Texas at El Paso, New Mexico State University, and George Mason University). At George Mason University, he is a Research Professor with the School of Computational Sciences and Principal Scientist at the Center for Earth Observing and Space Research. Dr. Gomez currently teaches introductory and advanced quantum computing and hyperspectral imaging graduate courses. Dr. Gomez worked for the federal government for many years, reaching the level of senior executive service with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He has worked as the Deputy for Space and Environmental Systems in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He created, organized, and chaired several times, the highly successful International Symposium on Spectral Sensing Research (ISSSR) that is still held every 18 months. Dr. Gomez was elected in 2001 to serve as Potomac Region Director for the ASPRS (2001 2003). He currently serves on the IEEE-USA Committee on Transportation and Aerospace Policy as Vice Chair for its Defense Aerospace activity. He has also served as Vice Chair of its Remote Sensing activity. Dr. Gomez is an internationally recognized expert in the field of hyperspectral remote sensing.