Dr. Klaus Seidel

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland


Klaus Seidel received his B.S. degree in experimental physics in 1965 and the Ph.D. degree in 1971, both from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ). He was with the Computer Vision Lab at ETHZ and head of the remote sensing group until 2002.


Since 1987 he was a Swiss Delegate and Expert in various Working Groups of the European Space Agency (ESA ) and at the same time functioning as the National Point of Contact for Switzerland. He is currently consultant for ESA projects specialized in image information mining related to remote sensing archives. He was also teaching courses in digital processing of satellite images and has published several papers concerning snow cover monitoring, geometric correction and multispectral analysis of satellite images, and on remote sensing image archival. Most recently he published a book together with J. Martinec on "Remote Sensing in Snow Hydrology".


He was involved in the Knowledge-driven Image Information Mining (KIM) project and is currently contributing to Knowledge Enabled Services (KES), KIM Validation (KIMV) and Knowledge Centered EO (KEO) projects for ESA. Dr. Seidel is member of the European Image Information Mining Coordination Group (IIMCG) and the Data Archiving and Distribution Technical Committee of IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society.