2017 Officers

Chairman Carlos Cabrera ccabrera@ieee.org
Vice-Chairman Nancy Maté NancyEM@IEEE.org
Treasurer Eric S. Ackerman e.ackerman@ieee.org
Secretary Tracy Wichman Tracy@alum.mit.edu
Past Chairman Jim Anderson jim.anderson@ieee.org
Student Activities Butch Shadwell b.shadwell@ieee.org
Webmaster Eric S. Ackerman e.ackerman@ieee.org
Communication Jim Anderson jim.anderson@ieee.org
Conferences Jim Anderson jim.anderson@ieee.org
Educational Activities Carl Hussey c.hussey@ieee.org
Membership Development Jim Howard j.howard@ieee.org
PAOC / PACE Chairman Thomas Bellarmine tbellarm@gmail.com
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Richard Beatie
Donghui  Wu


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History of the Florida Council

In the middle 1970's many engineers, including many IEEE members, had experienced or were facing loss of employment due to the poor economy and reductions in the aerospace program.

The coordinated effort of all the Sections through a statewide organization had much appeal. In 1978 the Florida Council was fully operative.

Professional issues, including wage busting at Kennedy Space Center, engineering registration, the energy crisis, and legislative liaison were dealt with directly by the Council or in concert with the Florida Council of Engineers.