Plan and Report for Chapter Rejuvenation Activities, 2004

1.      Plan- Contact section chairs with inactive chapters, identify the chapters and the remedies available to counter the inactivity.  This has been done with the twelve chapters identified in Region 3 as needing rejuvenation.  Also advise cognizant area/council chairs of the inactivity within their spheres of influence.  Keep region director apprised of status and progress.

2.      Corrective action- Work with section chairs and others to identify leadership to energize inactive chapters.  Use Region 3 Leadership Manual as a resource, along with data from IEEE Regional Activities staff.
3.      Budget- Funds currently available through the region should suffice to complete the task.  No travel will be required, unless a particularly recalcitrant section chair needs a meeting.
4.      Report-

a.      Greenville subsection of the Eastern North Carolina section is recommended for dissolution.  It was formed in 1992 with expectation of support from entities that were either relocated, bought out, or scaled back.  There has been no activity since it was formed in 1992.  The parent section and Region 3 director concur in this recommendation.

        b.      Chapters: 2 in Orlando  One (CS23/RA24/SMC28) has new officers reported to georoster, the second (Computer) has a new acting chair identified.
        c.      Chapters: 7 in Atlanta  Four have been reactivated, and held meetings this year.  They are CAS/SSC, IM/EMC, PEL, and CPMT.  One has a plan to reactivate by December(EM); one is in process (ED/LEO) and one is inactive and needs new officers (VT).
        d.      Richmond PE chapter-  Section chair reports that the chapter chair will have a plan by 1 August.
        e.      Alabama EM chapter-  Chapter chair plans at least two meetings in 2004.
        f.        Louisville Computer chapter-  Section chair has not responded with status after messages and personal contact.

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