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IEEE Orlando Section Monthly
SCOOP, July 2004
Published for IEEE Section Chairs
Vicki Waldman, Editor; Tracy Hawkins, Manager Section/Chapter Support


Starting in September 2005, IEEE will only accept membership applications and/or renewals from Students via the web. To accommodate this change, paper application forms and renewal forms for Students will no longer be produced. IEEE will, however continue to offer a brochure highlighting the benefits of Student membership. These brochures will be distributed to Sections and Student Branches during August.
This past February, the online Student application was enhanced to improve access and to allow students from any school in the world to join IEEE online. Features of the enhanced version include:
  • Join IEEE online with a credit card
  • Instant access to online services with an IEEE web account Students can now self-certify that they qualify for IEEE student membership, and no longer need the approval of the Student Branch Counselor or faculty member. Undergraduate or graduate students taking at least 50% of a normal full-time program/course of study in IEEE designated fields are eligible for Student membership in IEEE.
  • Improved data integrity since the Student enters his/her information directly. No re-keying of data is required.
IEEE is aware that there are many Students who do not have a credit card. Students who wish to pay by check or other means can still make use of the online application form. Once the online application or renewal form has been completed, the user will be presented with an option to "Continue to Checkout", or "Print and Mail with Payment". By choosing the "Print and Mail" option, the information that has been entered is temporarily stored and matched with the form when it arrives at the IEEE Operations Center with payment.
This new policy is the result of an action taken by the IEEE Board of
Directors in November 2003. The Board acknowledged that there may be extenuating circumstances where paper applications would still be
acceptable. For example, someone who wishes to join IEEE at a conference where there is no Internet connection available. For these situations, an electronic version (PDF format) of the student application can be provided.
For additional information on this change, please contact IEEE Student Services at



IEEE Student members who graduate and are elevated to full IEEE membership, will automatically receive a one-year discount of 50% off of the full higher grade IEEE and Society membership dues rates upon renewal. The offer is available once to IEEE Student members upon their graduation and elevation to full higher IEEE membership. The discount is available to all IEEE Student members graduating with an undergraduate or graduate degree.

IEEE Student members, who previously graduated with a Bachelors degree and received a discount upon their elevation to full IEEE member grade, would not be eligible to receive the 50% discount again if they returned to school and completed an advanced degree program.



What volunteers need: "adequate training*." Training should be matched to the experience, needs and duties of the volunteer. Some volunteers may have experience in the job area and not need much training. Others may have volunteered in order to gain new skills and will need more help.

Depending on the type and complexity of the job, the training can be one on one, in a group setting, or may consist of a list of step-by-step instructions. Planning ahead will help you anticipate the need for training.

Most Regions hold annual meetings of which officer training is an integral part. The officer that attends can share the information obtained at those meetings. There is also a lot of information available for Section and Chapter officers on the web. Check out the links on the following URL's: (there are training presentations available on this page)

Another good source of information for Section/Chapter/Affinity Group volunteers is the Section Chapter Volunteer Forum virtual community, which can be found at

(*from "Volunteers: How to Get Them, How to Keep Them" by Helen Little; page 53, Panacea Press, Inc. Naperville IL., 1999)



We would like to keep you informed about the highlights of the June meeting of the Regional Activities Board (RAB), but due to size limitations of some peoples' email servers, we did not want to add it to this issue of SCOOP. We will be sending a separate, special edition of SCOOP. Please look for the "July SCOOP, RAB Special Issue," coming soon!



  • Contiguous Section Affiliation
Your IEEE mailing address automatically determines your Section affiliation. However, you may choose to affiliate with a neighboring Section instead of the one assigned. This is a common request from commuters who live near Section boundaries.
Once the change is made, you will receive meeting notices, newsletters and other information from the new Section, and only that Section. You will be on the new Section's roster with the mailing address provided. Contiguous Section affiliation status remains on your record until such time as it is manually removed. If you relocate out of the area contiguous to the Section assignment requested, you will be automatically reassigned to the appropriate Section.
To make a request for change of Section affiliation, you can send an email to The email must include name, member number, current Section and the Section with which you wish to be affiliated.


  • IEEE Ads and Web Graphics Available
A variety of print and Web advertisements for IEEE business are available through the IEEE Online Promotional Library at IEEE publications and Web sites may use the IEEE Online Promotional Library to access hundreds of print ads and Web graphics free of charge.
Browse print or Web ads to find promotional items that match your needs.
Web ads are available for immediate download. Print ads may be requested through an online form and will be shipped on CD within seven business days. All users must register on the site before receiving any of these promotional items.
For more information, contact


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