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IEEE Orlando Section Monthly
SCOOP, April 2004
Published for IEEE Section Chairs
Vicki Waldman, Editor; Tracy Hawkins, Manager Section/Chapter Support
The Regional Activities Board (RAB) serves the needs of the IEEE members by maintaining, enhancing, and supporting the geographical organizational units of the IEEE.
To facilitate this goal, RAB provides funding for geographic units. In
accordance to IEEE Bylaws, 12% of member dues are allocated to Regions, Sections, Chapters, Affinity Groups and Student Branches. In 2004, $3,244.4k USD will be distributed directly to the geographic units. This is an increase of $527k USD from 2003. All geographic units receive the funds provided that they meet the minimum reporting requirements that have been established by RAB. Additional information on these reporting requirements is available in Section 9 of the RAB Operations Manual.
Additionally, Sections, Subsections, Chapters and Affinity Groups can refer to the Section Rebate Schedule
Putting money into savings is commendable, but how much should your Section keep in reserve and how much should be spent on Section operations? This question has been asked more frequently as many Sections have significantly lowered mailing costs by using the IEEE eNotice service for emailing newsletters and announcements,
The RAB Operations Manual, 9.4.I.11, says: "Sections may establish a reserve fund at least equal to one half of the total budgeted yearly
expenditures." But how much is too much? Unit reserves should be
adequate, but not excessive. As a general guideline, a reserve greater than three times the annual rebate, after known commitments and unusual requirements are deducted, would be considered excessive. To stay within this guideline, steps should be taken to increase the level of Section activity to avoid accumulation of disproportionately large reserves. Questions can be sent to
IEEE sells officer recognition and Section products at The products include banners,
certificates, lapel pins and plaques. If you are planning to place an
order, you should know that you can pay through your concentration bank account without having to send a check (or through the custody accounts for those Sections in Regions 8-10 that have one). Simply indicate that you would like to make the payment this way and staff will do the deduction internally. If your Section does not have a concentration bank account or Custody account, you have the option to deduct payment from the rebate.
Your Unit's Chair and/or Treasurer must approve orders. Subunits
(Chapters, Affinity Groups, Subsections) may also pay through their
concentration bank accounts with the approval of the Chapter Chair and/or Treasurer.
Thank you to the Sections that have submitted the annual required reports by the Rebate bonus deadline of 20 February. The reports are being reviewed and rebates will be issued this month to all those whose reports are approved. Those that have submitted reports to which there are outstanding questions, you will be contacted for more information. Your Section's required annual reports of 2003 activity not yet submitted? The final deadline is 30 June 2004, after which the rebate will be forfeited.
If you have questions about the reports or your rebate, please contact
Peggy Kovacs at
IEEE maintains insurance at limits deemed appropriate by the IEEE Insurance Committee for IEEE's current business activities, including coverage for Sections, Regions, Societies, Technical Councils, Chapters, Student Branches, and Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Conferences.
There is no requirement for Volunteers to notify IEEE regarding location and date of meetings in order for the liability/property coverage to be in effect. If a host venue for your Unit meeting has specific insurance requirements, or has requested that IEEE furnish proof of insurance (i.e. Certificate of Insurance), then you should contact the IEEE Insurance Office at or call + 1-732-562-5541. Certificate requests require the following information: venue/host address, contact name and information, and any specific insurance requirements.
In the event that a loss (i.e. theft or damage to property) or incident
occurs at an IEEE sponsored activity that may lead to a liability suit, it should be reported immediately to the IEEE Insurance Office. For a
detailed insurance summary, including dollar amounts, go to
HELPFUL WEB PAGE FOR UNIT TREASURERS - this web page has a list of links to financial resources and information
pertinent to Geographic Units (Sections, Subsections, Councils, Chapters, and Affinity Groups). There are links for everything from guidelines for bank accounts to an Investment Operations Manual to information about Unit rebates. There are also downloadable presentations for Treasurer Training and Financial Management.
The GOLD Committee has produced a CD that helps to explain the many benefits of IEEE membership, the available services and products, and rewards of volunteering. The CD is directed at students, particularly those about to graduate, and it contains a Power Point presentation with embedded video clips of GOLD members discussing their experiences with IEEE. Blank slides are included so the presentation can be customized for use by local Sections, Chapters, Affinity Groups, or Student Branches.
The CDs are being distributed by mail to all IEEE Section Chairs, Student Branch Chairs & Counselors, GOLD Affinity Group Chairs, and Society & Region Membership Development Chairs. For additional information contact Cathy Dower at


The IEEE Educational Activities Department is collecting information on pre-college educational activities taking place throughout all IEEE
Organizational Units and Societies. The information that you provide will be housed in a searchable database that IEEE volunteers and staff will be able to access through the IEEE Pre-college Educational Activities web page. Through this database, we will be able to share the good work we do with pre-college education teachers and students throughout the world. Your responses are very important to the success of this project.
The data collection website can be found at If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Doug Gorham,


IEEE-USA is seeking nominations for the following offices: 2006
President-Elect, 2006-2007 Member-at-Large, 2005 Secretary/Treasurer, 2005 Vice President, Career Activities, 2005 Vice President, Member Activities, 2005 Vice President, Professional Activities, and 2005 Vice President, Technology Policy Activities. These offices constitute the leadership of the IEEE-USA Board of Directors and are responsible for guiding the operations of IEEE-USA, helping to manage volunteer committees, overseeing IEEE-USA's financial performance, and championing new programs and services
to aid the IEEE U.S. member. The nomination deadline is 1 May 2004. The Call for Nominations, along with position descriptions and downloadable nomination forms, is available on-line at:


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