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IEEE Orlando Section Monthly
SCOOP, September 2004
Published for IEEE Section Chairs
Vicki Waldman, Editor; Tracy Hawkins, Manager Section/Chapter Support


Annually, the IEEE members are requested to participate in the IEEE
elections. This is your opportunity to provide input to determine who will serve on the IEEE Board of Directors, Regional Activities Board, Technical Activities Board, IEEE-USA Board and the Standards Association Board. The ballots have been mailed and must be returned PRIOR to 1 November 2004. For the first time, members may cast their ballots either electronically or by mail. Instructions and codes for electronic transmission are provided in the election ballot materials.
In the 2003 IEEE Election, only 15% of the eligible voters returned a valid election ballot. This percentage reflects the recent trend in which the amount of ballots returned has decreased. In an attempt to increase the number of ballots returned, the Regional Activities Board has agreed to recognize two Sections (one large/one small) that have the highest percentage increase in the number of ballots returned in the IEEE annual election. A Section is considered large if it has 501 or more members.
Please remind the members in your Section to return their ballots. If your Section has the highest percentage increase in the number of ballots returned, the Section will be recognized for its efforts. To see how many members of your Section voted in the 2003 election, please see the following URL:
Visit the IEEE election website
( for the most
accurate and up-to-date information on all candidates and election
categories. In addition to selecting candidates, this year members also are being asked to vote on a constitutional amendment containing revisions to the wording of the IEEE Constitution. For detailed information on these changes, visit



Do you get too many email bounces using your Unit's SAMIEEE data? Ideally, IEEE members keep their email addresses and phone numbers up to date when renewing membership via the web or as needed throughout the year. To do this, they can use the web based "change of profile" form (, by sending an email to, or by contacting IEEE Member Services directly at 1-800-678-4333 (1-732-981-0060 outside of the US).
However, some members do not make these changes in a timely manner, so what can you do as a volunteer, if you have the correct contact information? There is a link on the SAMIEEE website,, titled "Report Data Corrections to IEEE." Located on the lower left sidebar, it was created to assist the volunteers with this task.
Using this web form allows you to report member data corrections directly to Member Services, on behalf of a member in your organizational unit. Follow the directions making sure you type in "SAMIEEE Recipient Submission" in the Other Reason field. Once a correction is made to the IEEE membership database it will appear in a new or refreshed query in SAMIEEE following the weekly maintenance refresh.



We are happy to announce a new feature added to the online Rosters on the IEEE web site at We have added a roster name search and enabled it for use in navigating the online rosters.
This new tool allows authorized users to search for IEEE volunteers
regardless of the roster in which they are named. With the deployment of this new search capability comes expanded access rights. Now anyone in any of the major rosters can view ALL rosters. Searching for an IEEE volunteer will retrieve contact information as well as all the current positions held. You need your IEEE web account to access the Rosters.
What volunteers need: "follow up to see that the task is completed*" and "an opportunity to provide feedback when the task is finished*."
You can monitor the progress of the volunteer task and provide feedback, but don't hover. Keep in mind that volunteers are colleagues and partners, not subordinates or employees. Be positive, acting as coach and cheerleader, but don't allow yourself to get over-involved by doing the work yourself, even if it sometimes seems easier. If, despite your best efforts, a volunteer does not perform, you can release him or her from the commitment.
When the task is completed, or even if the volunteer is released from the commitment, it is a good idea to solicit feedback. Volunteers appreciate the opportunity to share their opinions. In addition, the Section will learn about problems encountered and may be able to prevent potential difficulties in the future and possible loss of volunteers.
(*from "Volunteers: How to Get Them, How to Keep Them" by Helen Little; page 61-71, Panacea Press, Inc. Naperville IL., 1999)


On 15 September, the IEEE rolled out enhancements to the IEEE UCE/Spam Filtering Service for members with an IEEE email alias.
New features include:
* An option that combines the tagging and blocking of UCE (spam); messages with a low spam score will be tagged, messages with a high spam score will be blocked, thereby reducing the amount of spam received over time.
* The ability to add email addresses you always want blocked to a
blacklist, and those you never want blocked to a whitelist.
* Improved identification technology that will more accurately target
possible UCE/spam messages.
* An additional layer of anti-virus protection beyond what is already
provided via the IEEE Email Alias Service.
Members with an IEEE email alias may sign up for the IEEE UCE/Spam Filtering Service at Members who already use the filter may update their profiles starting 15 Sept. to select from among the new options.
To obtain an IEEE email alias, visit
For any questions regarding the enhancements or the IEEE UCE/Spam Filtering Service in general, email



The Regional Activities Board is currently accepting nominations for the prominent RAB Awards:
RAB Achievement Award
RAB Innovation Award
RAB Leadership Award
RAB Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award
The RAB Awards and Recognition Program seeks to honor the outstanding efforts of some of the most invaluable IEEE Volunteers who have made substantial Regional contributions through innovative projects, exemplary leadership, service, and by fulfilling the goals as related to Transnational Activities. Each prestigious award has a unique mission and criteria, and offers the opportunity to honor distinguished colleagues, inspiring teachers and corporate leaders.
These awards, the most prestigious RAB has to offer, are designed to
recognize outstanding efforts by IEEE volunteers. These are NOT technical achievement awards. The deadline for nominations is 15 October 2004.
More information and nomination forms are available at the RAB Awards Website:
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