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Meeting Announcements

Unless otherwise stated, non-IEEE members are welcome to attend the meetings listed here.
Members are encouraged to invite and bring guests to these events.

Tuesday March 1st: 6pm- 9 pm
At: Reedy Creek Energy Services
6-8 pm: Linda Campbell: Director of Reliability for the FRCC: What is FERC, NERC, FRCC and NASBY? How do they Relate? What is a the NERC Functional Model? What type of reliability is expected from the utilities?
8-9pm: Practical Transmission Planning: How is the system planned? What is considered? How are generator interconnect requests examined?
Tuesday March 8th: 6pm- 9 pm
At: Reedy Creek Energy Services
6-8 pm: Ray Crooks with Reedy Creek Energy Services: More in-depth information on FERC. What is an RTO? What is the history of Florida, RTO's and Grid Florida? What is the current status? All explained in terms engineers (rather then lawyers) can understand.
8-9 pm: System Stability: How does the power system and power plants interact? How does the system respond to disturbance? How does transmission planning test these disturbances?
Tuesday March 15th: 6pm- 9 pm
At: OUC Pershing St Facility
6-9 pm: Tom Calabro with OUC and Greg Woessner with KUA: How does the grid Operate in real time? What roles do different utilities take in operating the grid? How do they respond to emergencies? What determines the generation dispatch on the gird? Includes a tour of the OUC Operations facility
-Site Access Restrictions
-Ordering on Subway Subs
RSVP for SUBS required by Noon on Monday preceding class
RSVPs after Noon on Monday preceding class will be handled on a case by case basis.
Full Conference Attendance: $70 for IEEE members, $100 for nonmembers, $15 for Student Members, $45 for Non-Member Students
Single Night Attendance: $30 for IEEE members, $40 for nonmembers, $8 for Student Members and $20 for Non-Member Students
Payment is cash or check at the door: We can not accept Credit/Debit Cards
Aside from a willingness to learn, your appetite, and something to write with, your IEEE # and Florida PE #.
We will be offering a total of 7 PDH's (0.7 CEU's) this year. As always you are responsible for determining if the class content is suitable technical education towards your license.
We will be doing Dan's Infamous Subs and Aaron's Awesome Assortment of Appetizers.
Will be sent in response to RSVPs, if needed.
If you have any specific topics (within these general topics, please) you would like to see these speakers cover, please let us know. We have a wide variety of speakers with a broad range of knowledge!
Aaron Staley, PE
Electrical Engineer
Chair: Orlando IEEE PES/IAS/PEL Chapter
Transmission Planning: Progress Energy Florida, Inc
Office: (407) 942-9651

Common Problem on PE License Renewal

We have just been notified of a problem for Florida Professional Engineers renewing their license and we wanted to communicate this information to as many Florida PE's as we could, so please forward to other organizations and professionals as you deem appropriate.

When you are submitting certificates for continuing education, they must have the FBPE (Florida Board of Professional Engineers) Provider number of the teaching organization on them. For example, any certificate from IEEE must have the FBPE Provider Number EXP00015 on it. Just listing the provider number on your registration form is not sufficient, it must be on the certificate.

At least one IEEE Class with a certificate from IEEE Corporate did not have the FBPE provider number on the certificate. The Nov 1&4th Relaying for Planners course did not have this number, and those certificates are going to be resent in the next few days. IEEE Corporate is in the process of reviewing all certificates issued for Florida classes and reissuing any that did not have the provider number on them. While IEEE Corporate (Sharon Strock's group) is checking their records, we would suggest you check your IEEE certificates yourself for compliance.

This is may not be an IEEE only problem, please check any certificates you have from other providers and insure that the FBPE provider number is on them.

IEEE and I are not legal counsel and can not provide you with specific advice pertaining to your professional registration renewal. If you have any questions about the status of your renewal, the consequences of sending in a non-compliant certificate or other licensing issues, please first review the FBPE website ( and then forward your question or comment to the FBPE.

Aaron Staley, PE
Electrical Engineer
Chair: Orlando IEEE PES/IAS/PEL Chapter
Transmission Planning: Progress Energy Florida, Inc
Office: (407) 942-9651



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