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IEEE Orlando Section Monthly
Chairman's Corner
September 2005
Joe Juisai
407-805-7662 - Office
407-805-1239 - Fax
407 808-1301 - Mobile

Fellow IEEE Members,

What a year it has been and I should have written my first chairman's corner a long time ago. I hope everyone's summer went well and was enjoyable.

Discovery Return to Flight Media Coverage Vote

I have been asked by the Florida Council and IEEE-USA for members to vote on the best media coverage of the space shuttle's Return to Flight mission last month. Please take a look at and vote for the media outlet that had the best coverage of the Return to Flight mission.

Senior Membership Update

Congratulations to those in our section who have been elevated to senior member this year. Those members are as follows:

  • Steve Karlovic
  • Takis Kasparis
  • Arthur Weeks
  • Kevin Coffey
  • Ladislau Boloni
  • Glenda McClure
  • James Bourg
  • Brian Goldiez

Senior membership is granted by nomination and is based on peer recognition of the nominee's accomplishments. If you are interested in elevation to senior member, please come to our senior membership drive on Friday, September 16 at Devry University Orlando. The drive starts at 6 p.m. and we will be serving refreshments. For those who want more information on senior membership, please take a look at the IEEE Senior Member Program Web site at or feel free to send me an e-mail at or leaving me voicemail at +1 321 396-5170.

Fall Picnic In October

Our annual fall picnic this year will be held during one of the last two weekends in October. Stay tuned to the Web site for more information.

Officers Needed

The Section has officer positions vacant. These include our secretary, treasurer and chapters chair. If you are interested in stepping in as the secretary, treasurer or chapters chair until the end of the year, please let me know.

Sections Congress

The triennial IEEE Sections Congress will be held in October in Tampa. The congress is one of the places where sections can speak up as the collective voice of the local members to express ideas about how IEEE can better serve its members now and going forward. The issues generated at Sections Congress are forwarded to the IEEE Leadership for action.

I would like to poll the membership as to what concerns you may have that would like to be brought up to Sections Congress. Some concerns in the past include:

  • How is IEEE membership beneficial to the non-academic member?
  • Why are IEEE membership dues so high and what does that bring?
  • How do we retain student members as regular members?

Please e-mail or call me with your suggestions.

If there are any concerns, questions or suggestions that you have for the section or if there is anything that the section can do for you, please let me know.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at the senior membership drive on the 16th and at the fall picnic.

Joe Juisai

Chair, IEEE Orlando Section


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