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IEEE Orlando Section - Chairman's Corner

New Year's greetings to all! As the year 2006 opens, I hope this finds all of our members starting off a prosperous new year. I want to invite all of our members to our monthly section meetings. A majority of our section meetings this year will alternate between the UCF & DeVry campus areas. This will allow for more member participation as well as the students from both student chapters to interact with members and the EXCOM leadership. I encourage you to become an active participant in your Orlando Section. My 2006 goals as your section chairperson are as follows:
  • To provide leadership and guidance for Chapters
  • Support and development for achieving Chapter(s) goals
  • Increase overall awareness of IEEE by Section participation in FES, Central FL Engineers' Week, other professional engineering conferences and forums
  • Fund & Support ongoing Chapter seminars & Engineers' week activities
  • Develop, mentor and fund new UCF LEOS student chapter
  • Continue active Senior membership drive program
  • Perform long range planning for additional conference sponsorships by the Section
  • Increase long term financial health of Section by additional fiscal planning and investments
Your input as members of this section is also valuable, so please feel free to e-mail myself or any other section EXCOM members with your suggestions, ideas, or feedback. I look forward to serving the section during this active packed year.


Tom Wandeloski

IEEE Orlando section

407-474-8488 - Office
407-323-7851 - Fax
2006 IEEE Orlando Section Chairperson
Thomas M. Wandeloski

407-474-8488 - Office
407-323-7851 - Fax

About the IEEE Orlando Section:
Founded in 1959, the IEEE Orlando Section has more than 1,400 members in
Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake and Sumter counties. In conjunction with its
10 chapters and working groups, the Orlando Section coordinates the local
IEEE activities and events within the five-county area. More information
about the Orlando Section can be found at
About the IEEE:
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. is the world's
largest technical professional association with more than 382,000 members in
approximately 150 countries. Through its members, the organization is a
leading authority on areas ranging from aerospace, computers, and
telecommunications to biomedicine, electric power, and consumer electronics.
The IEEE produces nearly 30 percent of the world's literature in the
electrical and electronics engineering, computing and control technology
fields. This nonprofit organization also sponsors or cosponsors more than
300 technical conferences each year. Additional information about the IEEE
can be found at
Modified 1/31/06