Quarterly Issue Published for Section and Chapter Chairs
Vicki Waldman, Editor; Tracy Hawkins, Manager S/CS
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Another year has zipped by and once again it's time to do the dreaded
paperwork that goes along with all the great activities that took place
throughout 2000. To that end, the packages for meeting and officer
reporting were mailed the week of 4 December to Secretaries of all Sections
and Councils with Chapters. The financial report packages will be mailed
this week (11 December) to Treasurers of all Sections, Councils and
Some important items to note:
-- In cases where the position of Secretary or Treasurer is not filled, the
packages will go to the Unit Chair.
-- Reminder letters were sent to Chapter Chairs to submit reports to
Sections (or Council). Please be sure all Chapter reports are included in
the Section's package before sending to IEEE headquarters.
-- The deadline this year is 23 February 2001. A 10% bonus will be added
to the rebate for reports submitted by the deadline.
-- For Units participating in the Concentration Banking program, year end
statements will be mailed by 15 January 2001.
-- Units with IEEE investments will receive additional instructions for
financial reporting along with the year end statement that will be mailed
the third week of January 2001.
-- All forms and related instructions will also be available by 15 December
2000 on the web at Select the link for required
reporting. If you send reports electronically, you do not need to send
hard copy.
Questions or comments may be sent to
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The IEEE Organization Roster, Geographical Organization Roster Part III, is
now available to IEEE volunteer leadership via the Internet! The
Geographic Roster provides contact information for the volunteer leadership
of Regions, Sections, Chapters, Student Branches, etc.
IEEE volunteers can access the roster using the IEEE web account. A
volunteer may access the data if 1) their name appears in the roster, or 2)
they are a member of the IEEE Executive Committee, the IEEE Regional
Activities Board or its committees, or 3) an IEEE Society President. The
IEEE Technical Activities Board will be added to the access listing after
the New Year.
The Roster is available to IEEE volunteers at the following location:
The data is updated every two weeks with the most recent date listed at the
top of each Region's page. The data is pulled directly from the IEEE's
membership database, and therefore reflects the most current contact
information available from the members. Updates and corrections can be
made by the individual volunteer, using their web account, at the URL The corrected data will appear
following the next system "refresh", within two weeks.
Future plans include an interactive version of the roster. In the interim,
to quickly find Sections and their officers, one should use the "Find on
this page" function in the "Edit" menu of their browser. To achieve
successful "find" results, be sure the page is fully loaded before
beginning the search.
IEEE volunteers who would like to receive the roster in hard copy should
contact their IEEE staff liaison for this purpose. Note that approximately
75% of the IEEE geographic units change their officers in January, and
those changes which have been reported are updated by the end of the first
For more information, please contact
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Editor's note: The following information is based on communication from
IEEE Boise Section Chair Dr. Elisa H. Barney Smith, sharing the experiences
of the Boise officers in trying to re-activate their Section.
During the 1999-2000 year, the IEEE Boise Section's communications and
meeting attendance were suffering due to officers moving out of the area
and the work commitments of those who remained. The Section was hanging on
by a thread thanks only to the activity of the Electron Devices Society
In late August, we started trying to get things moving again by identifying
officers for 2000-2001 for both the Section and the EDS Chapter. While we
were able to identify volunteers for every other position, everyone found
reasons why they couldn't or didn't want to be Chair of the Section. I had
experience as President of my collegiate fraternity alumni association, so
I agreed to serve as long as the other members of the Section Executive
Committee agreed to help me when I needed it.
The candidate for Treasurer put together a Section newsletter. Most
important, he was able get this communication into the mail in time for
people to get it before the fall picnic. We had 70 people (including
student members and spouses) in attendance.
The Boise Section hosted the Region 6 Northeast Area meeting 3 weeks after
I was officially elected. This was helpful, as there I met some other IEEE
people, was given support (and constant nudging about our overdue reports)
and found out a lot about IEEE that I hadn't known. I had never heard of
the PACE (professional activities) and GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade)
programs before. One attendee was a professor at Montana State who put me
in touch with their former student branch chair now working in Boise. That
contact is now leading our GOLD group.
We are now up to date on all of our IEEE required reporting. We had an
excellent Awards banquet in December with 85 people attending. We are on
our way towards forming Chapters of the Power Engineering and Computer
Societies and a GOLD Affinity Group. Once they are fully operational, it
will be easier to keep our Section going strong. Success breeds success.
Ask me again at the end of my term how things are going and we'll see if I
really did survive! The biggest support came from: a Past Chair (current
treasurer) who took care of bringing the Section into compliance with our
reporting requirements; the IEEE Region 6 Area Chair who provided personal
contact and lots of information about what IEEE Sections do; and the IEEE
Headquarters staff's quick response to my questions.
I'm still not sure that we are doing everything right, but hopefully my
fellow volunteers in Region 6 will keep an eye on us and let me know if I
miss something.
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The IEEE is looking for GOLD members worldwide to interview for a new
ongoing column in the IEEE Student magazine, "IEEE Potentials." Your
experiences, insight, and decision-making processes would be of interest to
our soon to be graduating student members.
If you are interested in participating, send an email message to MailTo:, subject: Potentials Column, with your name, email address
and a brief biographical or career outline.
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If you have changed address, email or phone number please
send a note to: or update the
information directly from the web at

IEEE Operations Center
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway NJ 08855-0331
Switchboard: +1 732 981 0060
IEEE Regional Activities
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+1 732 562 5564 (voice)
+1 732 463 9359 (fax)
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Updated 12/31/2001