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Southeastcon 2001 needs your help ...
The Piedmont Section of the IEEE is hosting SoutheastCon 2001 at Clemson
University during March 30 through April 1, 2001. This is a major activity
for the section to host such an event. The last time the section hosted
SoutheastCon was back in the mid 1970's. To have a successful conference,
we must find sponsors. Sponsors can donate money directly to the conference
or can provide help by exhibiting their products and services. I would like
to ask your help in finding companies that can participate in the
conference. Attached to this email is our introductory letter that contains
contact information and sponsorship details. Please print this letter and
provide copies directly to your management and Human Resources department.
If you would like to fill in your company contact / address details first,
please do. Bottom line, we need you to help us sell the conference. With
your help, the region's members and student members will benefit from a
successful conference.
I'm sure that your company contact will have questions. Please have them
contact us directly and we will be happy to answer all of their questions.
Thank you,
Lee Stogner and Allen K. Thomas, Jr.
Southeastcon 2001 Corporate Sponsorship Committee
Allen K. Thomas, Jr.
Office 864-228-4322
Lee Stogner
Office 864-281-8276
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Region 3 Public Information web page
I would like to bring to your attention the new Region 3 Public Information
web page. This page is part of the Region 3 web site and contains
information to assist you in preparing news articles/communication that
benefit your section, council, division and region. The web page can be
found at,
Contained within the sub site is the IEEE Publicity Manual in HTML and Word
format. Also included are links to other sources of Public Relations
information. Please review the manual and the links. In you know of more
and better information, please let me know and we will make it available on
the site for all to use.
Thanks to Chip Dawson for his help in producing this new page.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the page and the role of
Public Information in Region 3. Remember, if we don't write about it, they
won't know.
Lee Stogner
R3 Public Information
IEEE-USA VP Professional Activities
Office 864-281-8276
Mobile 864-444-0618
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Updated 01/30/2001