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 Joint ED/CPMT and AP/MTT Seminar
Wireless Interconnect Network and Reconfigurable System (WINARS) - A Proof of Concept  
Date: March 10, 4-5 p.m., EN288, UCF
Speaker: Dr. George M. Metze, Department of Defense/Microelectronics Research Laboratory
Contact: Dr. J. S. Yuan, tel: (407)823-5719, yuanj@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
Today, integrated circuits and multi-chip modules used in computers rely almost exclusively on hard-wired electrical conductors to transmit information from one point to another. Unfortunately, as geometry’s for these microcircuits continues to decrease, coupled with the ever increasing need for larger numbers of I/O’s, traditional hard-wired interconnect approaches for computers or other large-scale electronic systems, are rapidly approaching fundamental limits, that could ultimately impede future system performance enhancements.
Furthermore, and perhaps of greatest importance for computer systems employing multiple CPU's, is the speed and flexibility with which information is shared between CPU’s. Clearly as the density of wired interconnects increases, so too does the difficulty in maintaining signal integrity and timing alignment between multiple CPU’s. In addition, data communication channels that are physically hard-wired cannot be easily re-configured or re-routed. This inability to dynamically re-configure the system data channels, to re-direct data to/from inactive and/ or waiting processors, can significantly impact overall system performance and efficiency.
The WINARS program seeks to establish a new interconnect paradigm for high speed digital communications between multiple CPU’s, through the use of wireless mm-wave data channels. To this end, the government has recently embarked on an ambitious program to develop a multi-processor system, based on mm-wave wireless interconnects, whereby data can be shared between processors in true parallel fashion (i.e., broadcast mode), and where data paths (between different CPU’s) can be dynamically reconfigured.

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Updated 02/29/2000