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Digital Subscriber Line Service: Operation, Advantage, Availability
First in a series of high-speed internet connectivity lectures
Sponsors: COM/SP Chapter
Speaker: Mehmet T. Avcioglu, Chief Technical Officer, Active Communications
Born in Turkey, Mehmet Avcioglu arrived in the United States in 1991.
Mr. Avcioglu was enrolled at the University of Central Florida in the
Computer Engineering Program from 1992 to 1996. In 1996, Mr. Avcioglu
was selected Outstanding Undergraduate Student by the local Systems,
Robotics and Control chapter. In 1997, Mr. Avcioglu incorporated
Active Communications as a local internet service provider. Active
Communications now serves over 2000 subscribers, is opening new
offices in Orlando and in Tampa, and has recently launched new DSL
services for its customers. Mr. Avcioglu continues to serve Active
Communications today as its owner and Chief Technical Officer.
Presentation Abstract: Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) constitutes a vehicle
for providing high-speed internet connectivity at nominal rates of 500 Kbps up
to a present maximum configurable rate of over 50 Mbps. This presentation
describes the DSL concept in terms of phone line requirements, internal
workings and protocol level operation. DSL is compared and contrasted
with other high-speed internet connectivity methods, namely cable modems
and satellite modems. The advantages of DSL to the user are summarized,
and present local availability of service is discussed as a practical
This presentation, anticipated to be of 30 minutes duration, is
suitable for audiences with any technical background. Mr. Avcioglu
will be available afterwards for question and answer. Pizza and soft
drinks will be served.
Date: Tuesday April 25, 6:00 PM
Pizza and soft drinks will be served
Place: Michael's Italian Restaurant & Pizza
12309 E Colonial Dr.
East Hwy 50, East of Alafaya Trail, just West of the Beltway interchange
Contact: Please RSVP to Christina Caruso 407-875-4557

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Updated 04/21/2000