The Southeast’s Largest Component Technology Event Returns to Orlando!

Southcon 2000 Enhances 20th Anniversary Tradeshow and Conference with Special Events!

Who says there is no such thing as Free Lunch?

Southcon 2000 Announces Daily Keynote Speaker Breakfasts to Kick-Off Tradeshow and Conference


The guide for Public Information is complete

SoutheastCon 2000


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The Southeast’s Largest Component Technology Event Returns to Orlando!

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Southcon 2000 Enhances 20th Anniversary Tradeshow and Conference with Special Events!
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Who says there is no such thing as Free Lunch?
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Southcon 2000 Announces Daily Keynote Speaker Breakfasts to Kick-Off Tradeshow and Conference
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Explore the newly inaugurated IEEE/EAB
Pre-College Education and Training (PET) website. PET is dedicated to the
alliance of engineers and educators for the promotion of science and
technology education. PET offers specific plans and step by step
procedures to prepare engineers to serve as resources to pre-college
educators, both in and out of the classroom. Access this site through the
Educational Activities Home Page or at
Though open, this site remains under construction. For the next six
months expect to see additional information and periodic updates. The IEEE
Region 1 Worcester County, Massachusetts Section has volunteered to
field-test PET in September 2000. Members will be following the modular
step by step plan and contacting educators in their communities.
A sampling of the site includes:
· The Process ? details various ways of contributing and how to go about it.
· Success Stories ? first person stories by engineers who have helped in schools.
· Initial contact ? where to start in the school and preparation tips for your first day.
· Other ways to help ? ways to contribute other than in the classroom.
· Basic tools ? helpful advice; learn about teachers and what they need.
· Links ? teaching kits, other valuable sites.
PET enables IEEE members to have a positive impact on and a mutually
valuable experience with students, teachers, and school boards. 2000
Educational Activities Board Vice President Lyle Feisel has said, "PET
addresses the growing world wide problem of technological illiteracy and
enables engineers to contribute to its solution."
Initial funding for PET came from IEEE President's Project Fund and
the Life Member Committee. Send your comments and suggestions for the site
to or contact Lynn Murison at
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The Guide for Public Information is Complete
The guide will be posted to the Region 3 after review by the R3 Communications Committee.
The guide will provide detail on how to document a IEEE story and release to the
local media. The guide will also point to the various IEEE media outlets
and how to utilize their services.
A second edition of the Region 3 Communications CD will be available by the
Region 3 meeting in Nashville. A number of CD's will be distributed at the
meeting. Additional copies will be available on demand. If there is an
IEEE document, public domain document or shareware program that you feel
should be included on the CD, please let me know.
We continue to participate with the IEEE-USA Communication Committee. This
committee supports the printed and electronic information that is
distributed to Regions 1 - 6. An example of R3 information that will be
distributed soon through these channels include an article on the R3
Electronic Conferencing Project. This article will be presented on the
IEEE-USA web site and Perspectives.
All of the IEEE and IEEE-USA channels are constantly looking for good
stories about electrical and electronic engineers. If you or your section
has a story, please let me know and I will help you get it published.
Lee Stogner
Office 864-281-8276
Home 864-268-8800
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SoutheastCon 2000
SoutheastCon 2000 is "a coming" got my ticket in my hand to get on board
that SoutheastCon Special for the Music-land. Are you ready to attend the
premier IEEE event in Region 3's Southeast?
SoutheastCon is our annual event brings together Electrical and Computer
Engineering professionals, faculty and students to share information through
technical sessions, tutorials, and exhibits. It also provides an
opportunity for the leadership of our IEEE Region to meet face-to-face and
address issues that determine the future of IEEE within the southeastern
United States and Jamaica.
George Cook and his SoutheastCon 2000 Conference Committee have organized
what should be another outstanding conference. They have worked long and
hard over the past two years in attempting to make SoutheastCon 2000 one of
the best in our history as a Region.
As you can see from the SoutheastCon agenda a variety of meetings, training
sessions, and other events have been planned for the professional member,
student, and regional leadership that should provide you with an opportunity
to attend and participate in this enjoyable and interesting happening. We
look like we have a full plate for all.
In an effort to conserve time and to make our face-to-face meetings more
effective the Region 3 Executive Committee (ExCom) will hold our Caucus on
Saturday night April 1 at 9:00 - 11:00 PM via e-conference. Dave Green,
Region 3 ExCom Secretary has forwarded the ExCom members the necessary
connection instructions and the agenda. We will discussing several
important issues that will result in Action Items and the Consent Agenda for
our ExCom face-to-face meeting at SoutheastCon on Saturday, April 8,
9:00 -11:00 PM.
During my term as your Director I have adopted the following goals:
[1] To do all that I can to improve the relationship between our Region and
the Technical Societies.
[2] To assist our inactive or dormant Sections and Chapters in rejuvenation.
[3] To improve our communications between the region's leadership and the
region members.
[4] To insure that the region remains the premier region in IEEE by
providing the necessary training for our leadership and adopting initiatives
that will insure our success.
I hope that you will join me in achieving these goals. I am looking forward
to seeing you at SoutheastCon 2000.
Richard L. Riddle, IEEE Region 3 Director 2000-2001
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It has been a very interesting year for GOLD. The program is beginning to really take off. In Region 3 several sections have formed affinity groups (I hope to have a complete list from corporate by the Region Meeting). I have been actively educating members about the GOLD program by facilitating sessions at the 1999 PDC and Section's Congress.
I will be attending the Regional Activities Board GOLD meeting in Las Vegas, NV on April 15th. Some good preliminary news from this meeting is that SAMIeee will be modified next year to contain a GOLD flag! This flag will actually be based on date of first graduation. With the addition of this flag, it will make it easy for sections to identify GOLD members, as well as allow for us to gather accurate metrics.
The success of the GOLD program can be noticed by the increase of active GOLD volunteers within IEEE. GOLD members now serve on most IEEE and IEEE-USA committees. We should work on extending this trend to Regional and Section committees. This year a GOLD member will even be a candidate for IEEE-USA Member-At-Large.
As with past years, there will be two GOLD tracks at this year's Professional Development Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. We are still in the process of securing funding for entities to send GOLD members to the conference. We hope to again to be giving $500 grants. The PDC is an excellent opportunity for PACE and GOLD leaders to network and develop skills that can make them effective leaders. I again stress that each section should be actively searching for one PACE and one GOLD leader to attend the PDC over Labor Day Weekend. Also, we would like to get the information about this conference out to companies within the Region. Exhibit space will also be available for purchase.
I have also been appointed to work on the PACE Regional Activities Committee as a GOLD Member-At-Large. In this role, I am going to be working to revamp the PACE Leaders Training into a multi-media based presentation. This presentation will include items on GOLD and the overlap of GOLD and PACE.
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Updated 03/31/2000