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IEEE PES/IAS/PEL Chapter Meeting
Expansion of the Orlando International Airport - 4th Terminal

Darrell McDonald of HOK (Building Architects)
Wayne Allred of TLC, Inc. (Architect/Engineer)
Allen Pattison of GOAA & Rick Schultz of Terminal
Electrical will assist on Tour of Facility.
Orlando International Airport-Aviation Authority
Boardroom-Orlando, FL
PARKING: Follow the signs to the "A" side of the airport and enter the "A" side parking garage. Drive up the helix to the top level of the garage and follow the signs to "Terminal top parking". There is a bridge that connects the "A" garage to the terminal top garage. Once in the terminal top garage, there is another helix that connects the various floors.
MEETING ROOM: Go to the third level of the terminal building. This is the same level that has all the ticket counters, shops and restaurants in it. Once on the third floor, head for the security checkpoint for gates 100-129. To the left of the checkpoint, look for a hallway that leads to the Aviation Authority offices. Enter the offices and you'll see the boardroom, straight ahead. Your parking ticket will be validated as you enter. Wear comfortable shoes there is a lot of walking.
In order to get FREE parking, bring your parking ticket with you!!!
Tuesday, April 24, 2001
6:00 - 8:30 PM
Speaker will begin at 6:15 PM.
No charge unless charged for parking.
Respond by April 16 to:
Bob Gray of SWPC (407) 736-3269 or Jerry Murphy of Reedy Creek Energy Services (407) 824-4194 to make reservation - Aaron Staley: Aaron.Staley@swpc.siemens.com

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