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Director's Report to Region 3 ExCom - March 22, 2001
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Director's Report to Region 3 ExCom - March 22, 2001
As we enter the Third Millennium, we have been told that in spite of our
membership and revenue being the highest in our almost 40 year history we
are being threatened internally as well as externally.
Our position as the primary source of technical information for electrical,
electronic, and computer engineering is under attack by for-profit as well
as non-profit competitors. The Institute faces unprecedented competition
from trade publications, other associations, and Web's. Some of our
volunteers report being offered payment for articles and Editor-in Chief
Internally, we are told that our organizational structure is antiquated and
needs a major restructure. The way we distribute expenses and allocate
funding to our organizational units (entities) creates dissention and must
be changed. Employers are less inclined to support volunteer activities
than they were a decade ago. The competition for our volunteer time is
increasing daily. Members outside of the U.S. feel that they do not equally
share in the member benefits. The list of problems goes on and on.
As a result of these concerns and others, our IEEE Executive Committee
through the authority of our Presidents has appointed several committees to
investigate and propose solutions.
At the March 11, IEEE Board of Directors meeting, a report was made on the
"Russell Financial Model" one of the committees appointed to solve the way
we distribute expenses and allocate funding to our organizational units. A
committee was appointed to develop a simulation of the "Russell Model" using
the current IEEE financial information and report the results at the June
2001 Organizational Unit Series meeting.
The committee that is charged with the restructure of IEEE also made a
report at this meeting. This committee is know as the "President's Blue
Ribbon Committee on Board and Governance". This was a preliminary
"confidential" report to the BoD. The committee Chair has asked the BoD to
provide feedback. I feel sure that you will hear more about this
restructuring proposal in the next few months.
In spite of the perceived problems and concerns with our world-wide
Institute, I am happy to report that through the dedicated efforts and
talented contributions made by our volunteer leaders within Region 3 we
continue to remain one of most preeminent regions within IEEE. We continue
to develop innovative solutions to many of the problems that seem to perplex
our leadership at the highest level within IEEE. As an example we
recognized the lack of member support and relevance by many
employers/industries and offered our "Region 3 Corporate Relations Project"
as a possible solution. After more than two years it seems that IEEE has
been convinced of the need and is finally doing something about it. You
will hear more about what is planned at SoutheastCon 2001. We have
recognized the need for improved methods of communication and problem
solving and have offered our electronic conferencing, web training, and
e-newsletter as solutions. Many outside of Region 3 have indicated that
they are interested and will be using our proposed concepts. I do not want
to imply that our volunteer leadership within Region 3 has solved all of our
problems but I feel that we have made significant progress and our
contributions are being recognized and commended by the highest levels
within IEEE.
This year at SoutheastCon, our IEEE President Joel Snyder, Vice President -
Regional Activities Maurice Papo and members of the RAB Operating Committee
will join us. In addition, Kathy Kowalenko, Editor, "The Institute", Tom
Lynch, Staff Director - IEEE Financial Services Department, Kristina
Collmann, IEEE Associate Director of Development, and Marilyn Catis, IEEE
Corporate Relations Manager will also be there. I encourage you to meet
with these folks and share your thoughts on how we can improve IEEE and
solve some of its problems. I have asked our guests to attend as many of
our Region 3 meetings and Student activities as they can. I hope that they
will learn as I have that our region has the most talented and dedicated
members in IEEE.
You will see that we have modified our traditional SoutheastCon regional
meeting agenda to include more training and brainstorming sessions than we
have in the past. The purpose of this is to increase communications between
the section leaders and the ExCom and to help gather ideas for better
serving our members.
I am looking forward to attending SoutheastCon 2001 and feel that Nick
Pasquerilla and his committee has planned an outstanding conference. Based
on my and Charles Lord's visit and tour of the Madren Conference Center, I
am sure that you will agree that this is an excellent facility and will
result in one of the best SoutheastCon's we have held.
See you there.
Richard L. Riddle, IEEE Region 3 Director 2000-2001
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Thanks to Chip Dawson for his help in producing this new page.
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