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 Springtime Greetings!
Your Chairman is celebrating his 34th year of active participation with the Orlando Section. Just after the January 2nd EXCOM meeting at Grady's on Route 436, he obtained the committee's approval and transferred the Section financial accounts to the new consolidated IEEE International account (though Piscataway headquarters) to gain the advantages of added interest, no service fees, no-fee checking, etc. Our very active and able Treasurer, Jerry Murphy, has everything under control and our treasury is in good shape.
Apologies are due concerning confusion over EXCOM meeting dates and sites. Please always mark your calendar for the first Tuesday of each month... that has been nearly a "constant" since I joined in the 1960's. We tried moving the dinner meeting to the "Orient" buffet on South Semoran Blvd. in March and also postponed one week to accommodate a few individual's busy schedules, but the most popular choice is to always maintain the first Tuesday and keep Grady's as our favored location. Our May 1st session will begin there at 6 PM, as usual. We especially invite ALL CHAPTER CHAIRMEN to attend, since we must maintain meetings activity and co-ordination with our general membership interests and participation. We need a volunteer Chapters' Chairman!
Special thanks are due to Issa Bartarseh for his very successful management of the Awards Banquet. The UCF site was an excellent choice, and attendees, including yours truly, had very favorable comments about this event. I also had a chance to visit with George McClure, a long term Section Fellow, about the recent request to sponsor a national AUTOTESTCON Conference in the year 2004. Mr. Steve Karlovic and an associate from Lockheed Martin wish to present their proposal for this activity at our next EXCOM meeting. My wife and I were also honored later that evening at a country club reception for about forty family members and co-workers affiliated with four new corporations which we have formed in the past few months.
Your Vice Chairman, Robert Pirella, has also been very gracious about taking over during my absence when I have had to be out of town with high-priority work meetings with venture capitalists and acquisition and merger specialists. In March and April it became necessary for me to file for seven new U.S. patents, secure a new trademark, and register a new copyright for product improvements on my electromagnetic medical devices which are being launched into production this year. Special thanks go also to Jerry Murphy and his team who brought us the PES tutorial sessions for CEU PE credits on state-of-the-art technologies in fuel cells, micro-turbine power generators, etc.
Your IEEE /AESS Chapter has been meeting jointly with the IEEE Consultants Network and members of the local AIAA at the downtown library, third floor Patio, Conference, or Oak meeting rooms. We serve pizza and a beverage beginning at 6 PM and invite your participation on the second Tuesday in May to hear Ms MoiraLynn Mefein and Dr. David Webb speak on the "Simulation Program for Trans-atmospheric Flight". On April 10th, Dr. Webb, founder of the International Hypervelocity Institute and former aerospace advisor to President Reagan, gave a very interesting report on the politics and status of the United States "National AeroSpace Plane" (NASP). In February, yours truly reported on the sophisticated laser electro-optics now under production contract for detecting atmospheric dispersion of nerve gases and other biochemical warfare agents. In December we were privileged to learn from consultant Jerry Lutz about the covert operations of the Lockheed Skunkworks and the development of the U-2, ER-2, Blackbird, and Stealth fighter/bombers. In October, the topic covered related to consulting activity in the extremely-large scale semiconductor integrated circuit industry utilizing robotic, acousto-optic laser scanner inspection equipment. Upcoming events also include the international Space Congress during from April 30 to May 4 at Cocoa Beach.

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