Employment Opportunities

These positions are available in Orlando, Jacksonville Florida, Silicon Valley, and Salt Lake City, ParkerVision's Design Centers. E-mail your resume to grawlins@signaltechnologies.com or FAX 407-260-0004.
RF/ Mixed Signal ASIC and Analog ASIC Design Engineers
You will work with a new technology extending the performance of radio ICs in CMOS to over 6 GHz. In Bi-Polar, BiCMOS, SiGe and GaAs, the performance is similarly extended to as high as 50 GHz. We seek designers with CMOS, BiCMOS and GaAs experience to design state-of-the-art RF communications transmitters, receivers and transceivers for CDMA, GSM and W-CDMA telephones; Wireless LAN; Wireless Local Loop; xDSL; Cable Modem and other radio front ends. A minimum of 3 years experience developing similar integrated circuits and experience with Tanner, Mentor, CADENCE, SPICE and HP EESOF and Tanner development tools is required. Positions are available for all levels of design experience. A BSEE is required and MSEE/Ph.D. is desirable.
RF Communications Systems and Applications Engineers
Lead the application of a new and exciting RF technology application to tomorrow's communications systems. We are seeking talented and experienced RF systems engineers to lead the analysis and system design efforts to apply our revolutionary RF technology to a variety of radio applications. These positions require a BSEE (MSEE or Ph.D. EE desirable) and at least five years practical experience in radio systems analysis, modeling, design and development. The emphasis will be on development and applications of wireless System-On-Chip ASIC-based solutions.
Integrated Circuit Layout Designers
Senior Integrated Circuit layout designers with RF, analog and digital experience to design complex mixed signal ASICs using a new RF technology that permits the integration of high performance wireless Systems-On-Chips. These individuals must be team players who are capable of working with a team of experienced design engineers and have experience with a variety of layout tools including Cadence and Tanner. An AS degree is required and additional training is desired.  
Purchasing Agent
Puchasing agent to buy electronic components, printed circuit boards, lab supplies, and other engineering support material. Set up a computer program to track inventory supplies, parts, delivery schedules, shortages, etc. Maintain stock. Interface with engineering and provide support between manufacturer's representatives and distribution. Update and maintain data library and reference material. Kit parts for evaluation and demonstration boards for engineers. Negotiate contracts with manufacturers for production builds.
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Updated 07/01/2000