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Evolutionary Computation and Applications CD-ROM Tutorial Now Available
Whither Transmission Reliability? Selected Readings Available
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The IEEE Educational Activities Board seeks engineering professionals
from industry, government, and academe to serve
as program evaluators for accrediting engineering and engineering
technology programs at U.S. universities. Nominations will be accepted
through 31 October 2000.
The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc (ABET) provides
a peer review of university programs that is so important to the continuing
vitality and quality of the engineering and engineering technology
professions. Aside from the professional and public good that evaluators
perform, there are specific benefits to the evaluators and their employers.
The evaluators are trained in the Quality Process and are able to hone
their decision-making skills. By virtue of being on campus, evaluators can
identify potential schools and students for future recruitment. It is the
ABET accreditation program which assures the quality education of those who
will be the future innovators and industry leaders.
The IEEE members selected will attend a one-day training seminar on the
IEEE/ABET accreditation process, one of which will take place at the June
2001 American Society for Engineering Education convention in Albuquerque,
New Mexico. After training, these program evaluators will visit
engineering and engineering technology departments across the country on
behalf of the IEEE and ABET. Evaluation sessions take place each fall and
generally run for two to three days.
Information packages, including the application and nomination forms, are
available on the WWW at:
(engineering programs) and
(engineering technology programs). For more program information, contact
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Evolutionary Computation and Applications CD-ROM Tutorial Now Available
New from IEEE Neural Networking Society and Educational Activities is the
CD-ROM tutorial entitled Evolutionary Computation and Applications.
Evolutionary Computation has become the
standard term that encompasses evolution strategies, evolutionary
programming, and genetic algorithms. David B. Fogel, Editor in Chief of the
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation and host of this tutorial has
stated, "Evolution is an optimization process that can be simulated using a
computer or other device and put to good engineering purpose."
This tutorial serves as an introduction to evolutionary computation
and is supported by case studies from four expert practitioners and a
roundtable discussion about practical implementation issues. The learner
is able to access the following sections:
· Dr. David B. Fogel, who provides an extensive overview on
designing evolutionary algorithms for problem solving.
· Dr. Mohamed El- Sharkawi, on evolutionary techniques for
vulnerability assessment on power systems.
· Dr. Piero Bonissone, on hybrid soft computing systems using fuzzy
logic and evolutionary algorithms.
· Dr. Stephan Freer, who addresses AGDOCK, a software application
that utilizes evolutionary computation to a significant problem in
receptor-based drug design.
· Roundtable discussion covering practical issues of implementing
evolutionary algorithms.
After viewing the tutorial you will know:
  • The basic principles of evolutionary computation
  • How to design evolutionary algorithms to fit your problems
  • Details from experts who have applied evolutionary algorithms to their own problems
The single CD-ROM, based on the four power point presentations, features
menu jump capabilities, navigation, full audio, and an MPEG player video
component. Dual platforms (MAC and PC) supported.
Minimum systems requirements: 200 mhz Pentium or PowerMac; Windows95/98 or
MacOS 8.0 minimum; 100 MB free space on hard drive; 8x CD-ROM drive; 16 bit
sound card; SVGA display; 800 x 600 display resolution; thousands of colors
display; QuickTime 4.0.
Member Price: $250.00
List Price: $312.50
IEEE Order #: EC126
The CD-ROM can be ordered from the IEEE Customer Service Department,
445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331, Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331, USA; by e-mail:; by phone: 1.800.678.4333; and on the Web at For further information on Education
Activities check out our Website
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Whither Transmission Reliability? Selected Readings Available
Will the bulk electric power system be as reliable in the future as it has been
in the past? The Evolution of Electric Power Transmission Under Deregulation,
edited by John A. Casazza and George C. Loehr, is a compendium of over
fifty of the most current and classic articles on transmission under deregulation
which seeks to enlighten the reader on this subject. According to John Casazza,
"Those restructuring the electric power industry have ignored the effects on the
reliability of our electric transmission systems. Risks of blackouts and
power shortages continue to grow. New technical and institutional solutions
are needed. If these are not coordinated, reliability will continue to
decline while costs continue to increase."
These selected readings provide up-to-date information and an overview
valuable not only to those working in the field, but also to those in power
policy positions, offering under one convenient cover a choice selection of
papers and articles on transmission reliability. Areas covered include:
· An overview of electric power systems
· Transmission System Planning & Design
· Transmission System Operation
· Transmission Transfer Capability
· Restructuring, Reliability & Transmission Capability
· Transmission System Components & Research
· Communications, Information Security & Other Factors
Experts John A. Casazza, P.E. and George C. Loehr have carefully
selected the most significant and valuable articles for this volume. Mr.
Casazza, an award winning IEEE Life Fellow, has worked in industry and
served the community and nation as a member of various Councils and Panels
for 54 years. He has testified extensively as an expert witness before
Federal and state regulatory bodies. Mr. Loehr 's career in transmission
planning in the Northeast spans more than 35 years. He is a recognized
national expert on electric power system reliability.
To order The Evolution of Electric Power Transmission Under Deregulation,
List price $69.95, IEEE Member price $49.95, use product number SR112.
Order from the IEEE Customer Service Department, 445 Hoes Lane, PO Box
1331, Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331, USA; e-mail:;
phone: 1.800.678.4333; Web: ONLINE STORE at
For other educational products access:


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