IEEE Orlando Section - Chairman's Corner

Vice Chairman Robert Pirella will be conducting the June 5 EXCOM meeting at Grady's Restaurant at 6:00 PM. During the month of June, yours truly will be participating conferences and expos in Anaheim and Seattle, also New Orleans, etc. to launch our new magnetic medical valve and related products.
Please bring your ideas and suggestions for a section fall family social event! We need to get our interest and participation up to a higher level. How about a square dance and barbecue like we used to do in the '60's?
Also, you chapter chairmen need to keep up the activity level and find interesting speakers for at least two meetings per year.
We enjoyed the past two AESS meetings at the Orange County Public Library, and we look forward to more Consultant's Network events.
Well, have a great June and I'll look to see you again at the July 3rd meeting unless there is a consensus to move it away from our national holiday.
Best regards.........

Dr. David E. Flinchbaugh, P.E., C.Mfg.E.
Director, The Technology Consulting Center
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Orlando, FL 32809-5170
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Updated 05/31/2001