CARE Project Needs PACE Support
Congressional Advocacy Recruitment Effort, CARE
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CARE Project Needs PACE Support
IEEE-USA needs your support to make the Congressional Advocacy Recruitment
Effort (CARE) project a success.
The CARE Project is a new IEEE-USA initiative to recruit IEEE volunteers as
grassroots activists for the purposes of building relationships between
engineers and Members of Congress and raising Congressional awareness and
appreciation of science and technology. Our goal is to have IEEE U.S.
members pay a constituent visit on every U.S. Senator and Representative in
their District office sometime during the 107th Congress (2001-2002). The
project also encourages a wide variety of interactions in addition to
traditional visits, such as congressional involvement in National Engineers
Week, participation in tours and demonstrations, and member involvement in
local Town Hall meetings, etc.
In order to achieve these goals, IEEE-USA needs you, the volunteers who
make up the PACE Network, to help promote the CARE project in your
sections, chapters, societies, and student branches. Set a personal
example by taking the CARE Pledge and then paying a visit on your Member(s)
of Congress. Then help us to put the word out to others. A strong push
is needed now to take advantage of Congress' August Work Period (August 4 -
September 3), which is the perfect time for visits to congressional
District offices.
CARE Project information is available on the PACE Network 2001 CD (which
you will be receiving shortly) and can also be obtained at the CARE website
( In addition to a pledge form and
report form, there are also useful resources including a guide to arranging
a successful congressional visit, a congressional directory, a Powerpoint
presentation on CARE, and a cross-reference of IEEE-USA sections by
congressional district. Please make use of these resources and contact
Chris Brantley in our IEEE-USA Washington office (202-785-0017, x.8347 or if you need any assistance. The PACE Network leaders
will be following up with you to organize a visitation support process to
ensure that every Senator and Representative is visited.
Norm Augustine once remarked, "Engineers today seem to be the stealth
occupation....if we as engineers are unwilling to responsibly speak out on
issues within our realm of expertise, who then will?" The CARE Project
accepts that challenge. But to succeed, we need your help. Please accept
the challenge and help us show that the PACE Network can deliver.
Ned R. Sauthoff
2001 President,
Lee Stogner
Vice President, Professional Activities


Congressional Advocacy Recruitment Effort, CARE
In an earlier email, Ned Sauthoff, IEEE-USA President and I talked about
the new CARE Project that we would like the PACE Network to execute as a
total team. If you haven't heard about the program yet, please go to the
following URL and begin reading,
While you're there, please take the CARE Pledge so we can complete the
building of our team,
If by chance you are not the current PACE Representative, please forward
this message to the new Representative and to your Section/Council
Chair. The Economy is changing in ways that we cannot project and we need
to have a complete and organized PACE team in place to support our
Thanks, I'm counting on you,
Lee Stogner
VP Professional Activities, IEEE-USA
Mobile 864-444-0618
Office 864-281-8276
PACE PowerPoint Presentation
This web address contains an excellent Powerpoint program for your local
PACE meeting.
Please visit the site and schedule your meeting.


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