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- IEEE BoD Action Taken at 6/25/00 Meeting

- Region 3 E-Conf On IEEE Concentration Banking Account
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IEEE BoD Action Taken at 6/25/00 Meeting
As a result of the IEEE Board of Directors meeting held on June 25, 2000 at
Vancouver, BC, I have selected the following items which may have a
major impact on our Region, Areas/Councils, and Sections/Chapters.
1. Approved the Executive Committee’s recommendation, mandating
that current policy and procedures be enforced, requiring all
geographic unit and conference investments to be in the IEEE
Investment Fund which is overseen by the IEEE Investment Committee.
2. Approved the Executive Committee’s recommendation, mandating
that, effective after 1 July 2000, all geographic unit and conference
contracts with an expected value in excess of $25,000 be executed by
the Procurement Department at the Operations Center. (B80)
3. Approved the Executive Committee’s recommendation, mandating
the use of concentration bank accounts as the only bank accounts
for all U.S.-based geographic units and conferences and, to the
maximum extent possible, non-U.S. geographic units and conferences,
effective after 1 July 2000 with at least the U.S. portion expected to be
completed by year-end 2000. (B81)
Of minor importance the following is provided for your information:
4. Approved revisions to IEEE Bylaws I-109 – Entities and I-304 – Major
Entities, and requested that appropriate conforming changes be
made throughout the IEEE Bylaws, IEEE Policy and Procedures Manual,
operations manuals, and other documentation of the Major Boards.
References to “entity” should be changed to “organizational unit”,
and “major entity” to “major board.” (B29)
5. A stand-alone Board of Directors meeting will be held in December
2000. An Entity Series will continue to be held in Tampa, Florida in
November 2000. This separate Board of Directors meeting format will
also be followed for February 2001 only, at which time it will be
evaluated and a decision will be made about the November 2000
meetings. (B77)
Richard L. Riddle, IEEE Region 3 Director 2000-2001
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Region 3 E-Conf On IEEE Concentration Banking Account
Last week I sent a message indicating several actions taken by the IEEE
Board of Directors. I have decided to utilize some of the techniques that
have been developed in the e-Conferencing Project to analyze the problems
and potential solutions in the implementation of Concentration Banking
Accounts (CBA) throughout Region 3. Since this will impact every section
and chapter within Region 3 I urge your participation to assist in
optimizing the benefits of the implementation for everyone involved. Your
voice will be heard.. In order to set the stage for the next steps of this
process, I would like to share some of my views..
The implementation of CBA can be very beneficial to the Institute and to the
various units such as the Region, Areas/Councils, and Sections/Chapters by
allowing better visibility and control of their financial operation and
aiding the operation of the Institute as a non profit organization;
however, having said that, it does not mean that the implementation is
without problems. I am therefore requesting that we concentrate our effort
in defining the implementation issues / problems and recommend appropriate
solutions. Region 3 has participated in the beta testing of CBA for several
years and has a wealth of knowledge and insight that only you can provide.
One of our major goals in Region 3 is to widen the participation in defining
problems and developing solutions that will benefit not only the region but
all of IEEE. This is your opportunity to help.
We are going to utilize the work of the e-Conferencing Committee which will
nearly eliminate the need for face to face meetings and reduce the time it
takes to develop our response. The use of the news group and e-mail for
asynchronous work and chat for synchronous meetings will form the base of
the technology. I urge you to draw on the resources of the e-Conference
Committee to aid you in "getting up to speed"
Since this effort is another first for Region 3, additional material will be
distributed shortly to help define the parameters of our working together in
a distributed mode using the internet. The first e-conference on August 3,
2000 at 9:00 -10:00 PM EDST will serve as an introduction and I urge you to
attend. ( Details and agenda for the meeting will follow.)
If you have any questions, comments, etc. please contact me so we can
proceed with this very critical process.
Richard L. Riddle, IEEE Region 3 Director 2000-2001
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