IEEE Professional Development Conference 2000
PACE PowerPoint Presentation
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IEEE Professional Development Conference 2000
IEEE Volunteer,
Have you given any thought about personally attending the Professional
Development Conference 2000?
I have enclosed the proposed agenda for the conference:
Career Planning
* Developing and maintaining a competitive career
* Career preservation
* 360-degree performance evaluation and career analysis
* When and how to bail out
* Professional Skills Management
* Interpersonal skills
* Time management
* Personal marketing
*Communication skills
* Language skills
* Building personal quality with TQM
* How to conduct performance evaluations
* Building and maintaining influence in a casual world
* Personal etiquette
* Negotiating
* Professional Networking
Personal Microeconomic Management Systems
* Financial planning
* Retirement planning
* Medical planning
* Entrepreneurial Skills
Influencing and Interacting with Customers
* Do’s and don’ts of customer social interaction
* Making the deal
* How to sell ideas
* Mentorship
* Finding a mentor
* Being a mentor
*Applied Strategic Planning (for IEEE or the workplace)
* Career forecasting
* Quality positioning (Baldrige/ISO/SEI)
* Organizational Ethics and Diversity
* Influencing Public Policy
* Community action
* Government education
* Public awareness
Want more information about the conference? See the web page:
What would it take to get you in the middle of this experience?
Do you know others at your company that would benefit from this experience?
Share this information with them.
Send me an email if you are interested.
Under some conditions, IEEE has a partial scholarship; please contact me for
Don Hill
PAOC Chair Region 3
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PACE PowerPoint Presentation
This web address contains an excellent Powerpoint program for your local
PACE meeting.
Please visit the site and schedule your meeting.


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