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To: Region 3 ExCom and Section Chairs
From: Dick Riddle
Subject: Concentration Banking Kick-Off Meeting
Our Concentration Banking e-conf meeting was held on August 3, 2000 at 9:00
PM EDT. The purpose of our meeting was to provide our regional volunteer
leaders an opportunity to learn more about Concentration Banking Account
(CBA) and to begin the process to influence the implementation of this
requirement. We had 23 Executive Committee, Section Chairs, and
Section Treasurers in attendance. I feel that we made a good start in
attempting to achieve our purpose.
In our plan to accomplish CBA for all 60 units within our region that have
bank accounts and to influence the policy and procedures used to implement
this requirement we outlined the following methodology:
The methodology will involve a combination of synchronous Chat sessions and
asynchronous NewsGroup Discussions. The bulk of the discussions will involve
NewsGroup discussions since scheduling problems are minimized. A phased
approach is recommended so that a focus can be maintained throughout the
process. Each phase will build on the previous work and can be revisited if
additional discussion is warranted.
1. Develop an understanding of the purpose, scope, objectives and
development work that has taken place in getting the
Concentration Banking Accounts to this point in time. (NG)
2. Discuss the Issues, problems, and impediments to implementation. (NG)
3. Discuss the courses of action / and assignments to develop
recommendations (e-conf)
4. Transmit recommendations to IEEE BOD.
The methodology is fairly simple but the end product can be a powerful force
for change within Region 3 and the Institute
Using newsgroup technology is very much like using e-mail to communicate
except that a server keeps up with the messages from everyone using
threading. The server can be accessed with a number of newsreaders such as
Outlook Express, Netscape, and etc.
Our server is called:
The newsgroup for the CBA discussion and collaboration is
You can access our server and newsgroup as follows:
If you go there now you will find the log of our Kickoff e-conf meeting held
on August 3 as well as a comment made by Bob Duggan about that meeting. In
separate threads you will find a copy of my letter to the ExCom and Section
Chairs encouraging them to attend the "E-Conf Meeting - Concentration
Banking Discussion" on August 3rd and the beginning of the Phase 1
discussion titled "Clarifying Questions".
Because we believe that the implementation of Concentration Banking within
the Institute has widespread impact and should be thoroughly discussed by
all entities involved, we are asking you to use this methodology to ask your
questions, state your problems, and help us arrive at and recommend
solutions to ease the transition to CBA.
Based on the information provided by IEEE Financial Services Department on
July 28, 2000, our score card is as follows:
Region 1 1
Councils 5 3
Sections 43 11
Sub-sections 3 0
Society Chapters 8 0
Total Units (Entity) 60 15
I am encouraged by the response that I have received from the IEEE staff
folks that are responsible for developing the Policy and Procedures manual
for the CBA program. They have formed a team to assist the volunteers in
the conversion process and they welcome the opportunity to work with us.
Please use this opportunity to let us know how you feel.
A draft copy of the above document is available for your review and comment
on our newsgroup at:
Richard L. Riddle, IEEE Region 3 Director 2000-2001
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Updated 07/30/2000