PACE Project? GET TECH: National Awareness Program
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PACE Project? GET TECH: National Awareness Program
The Assistant Secretary for Technology Policy
Washington. D.C. 20230
August, 2000
As we enter the new century , one of the greatest challenges facing the United States is creating a highly skilled technical work force. The Office of Technology Policy has worked to meet this challenge for over three years, with activities ranging from hosting a series of cabinet level town meetings to forging public- private partnerships to promote promising solutions. Today, I am writing to let you know about an exciting opportunity for your organization to help launch our most important initiative-a public service advertising campaign to encourage teens to prepare for technology jobs in the new economy.
At our town meetings, there was almost universal agreement on the need to improve the image of technology professionals, and encourage teens to prepare for technical careers. To help meet this challenge, OTP is partnering on GET TECH, a national awareness campaign for America's youth, in which Women in Film-a Hollywood-based non-profit-is creating public service announcements targeting middle school students, their teachers and parents. The National Association ofManufacturers is developing a 1-800 number, technical careers web site, posters, and other materials.
We will launch GET TECH on October 2,2000 in connection with the second annual Techies Day, which will feature many local events around the countrY on October 3. Last year, more than 4,000 groups participated in the inaugural Techies Day, established to celebrate the achievements of technologists, and encourage technology based organizations to mentor students about technology careers. While Techies Day presents the opportunity for a national tie in, we also need promotion and encouragement year round.
The GET TECH campaign offers your organization a chance to highlight the important role you play in preparing America's youth for the new economy. Here are a few ways you can help get the message out:
.Distribute GET TECH posters and information kits at your local middle and high schools.
.Encourage your local television and radio stations to play the GET TECH public service announcements, and increase their coverage of science and technology activities.
.Invite middle and high school students to tour your organization, or send your technical professionals into the classroom for a discussion of science and technology careers. Encourage your technologists to participate in job shadowing and mentoring activities.
.Partner with local school, community or government officials to hold an event at a local school.
Enclosed is a fact sheet about GET TECH, along with an Update of the data contained in OTP's June 1999 report, The Digital Work Force: Building Infotech Skills at the Speed of Innovation. If you would like to participate in GET TECH, we will provide posters, information kits, copies of the PSAs, and suggestions on how you can use these materials. To register, or request additional information, please e-mail our coordinator, Karen Laney-Cummings:
We are excited at the prospect of reaching millions of teens through the GET TECH campaign. With your help, we hope to motivate more students to join our next generation of scientists and engineers.
Kelly H. Carnes
George F. McClure
Ph. 407-647-5092
Fax 407-644-4076
1730 Shiloh Lane
Winter Park, FL 32789
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PACE PowerPoint Presentation
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