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Region 3 Newsletter
This is to let you know that the Region 3 Newsletter, now in electronic form on the web, is available for your reading pleasure at . This is a special edition on the electronic conferencing initiatives that your fellow volunteers have pioneered in our region. It also includes a list of the goals and objectives that all entities (committees, sections, etc) are responsible for in preparation for this Fall's Region 3 Executive Committee (ExCom) meetings.
As I state in the Director's Report, This special electronic issue of our Region 3 Newsletter is another attempt to better communicate and hopefully give you some tools that will allow you to do a better job of conducting the business of IEEE. Our Region is leading many within IEEE to consider using e-conferencing as an alternate to face-to-face meetings and a better way to work together to resolve the many issues that we are faced with at all levels of this organization.
Some other articles in this newsletter:
Bob Duggan, Strategic Planning Committee Chair reviews the Region 3 Goals & Objectives for 2000-1 and how they map onto the Region 3 Committee structure.
Bill Ratcliff on Region 3 E-Conferencing writes:
"For nearly 2 years now the seeds of electronic conferencing to support distributed / collaborative work efforts have been developing and growing into a new way of working together here in Region 3. Find out what is growing and how to be a part of it."
Charles Lord, Region 3 EConferencing Trainer writes:
"The principles of electronic conferencing are very simple and surprisingly low-tech. As Bill Ratcliff, the Chair of this project, likes to say, "It ain't the technology - it's the method." ... If you can connect to the internet well enough to send and receive email and browse web pages, you can probably do everything I am going to describe here."
Thanks again for your hard work for the membership of IEEE! I look forward to "seeing" you on the internet as we lead the IEEE into the 21st century. All Aboard!
Richard L. Riddle
Region 3 Director 2000-1
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H-1B Legislation - Your Help is Needed
Today is a time for action! Please call or fax your two senators and inform
them of your views on the H-1B issue. You can visit the IEEE-USA web site
for more complete details.
1. H-1B moving through Senate.
Today, Senators will continue their discussions about the doubling of the
H-1B foreign worker bill. Yesterday, procedural votes opened the way for an
expected vote and passage perhaps today.
This bill would add 360,000 more foreign workers over the next three years.
But there are several more places where this bill can be modified before
Congress adjourns.
2. Amnesty
Today on the Senate floor, the Senate will discuss the case for an amnesty
for 1.5 million illegal aliens.
3. House Response
All is quiet over in the House, where the leaders are waiting for the Senate
to tip its hand.
4. Phoning
The most important thing you can do right now is to call the offices of your
Senators and tell them your views.
Call your Senators through the switchboard at:
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Updated 10/01/2000