IEEE Orlando Section - Chairman's Corner

Let all our IEEE Orlando Section members, families, and friends join together in prayer and in moral support for those who have suffered from the horrible effects of the Attack on America the morning of September 11th. We grieve for all the families who lost loved ones. We must help in every way possible to provide hope and assistance. Even the Japanese leaders have called this carefully-planned series of events the most devastating and inhumane since their attack on Pearl Harbor. While the terrorists struck at our symbols of financial strength and economic power, as well as our symbol of military power, they left unscathed the religious centers which are the real symbol of human spiritual strength and the power of life everlasting.
In the light of this unthinkable crime and the disruption to so many aspects of our daily lives, your EXCOM members decided to postpone our annual family social event until Saturday, October 27, 2001.
Your chairman is glad to be home safely from Australia. The people are very friendly there and easy to work with. I tried to make contact with an IEEE Section there but did not have the free time to visit at the university. Flying for 19 hours on 747s and 757s each way accounted for two days of our limited time overseas.
Dr. Eric Ackerman did an excellent job of organizing the FCIEEE meeting at Nova Southeastern University. Drs. Sundarum and Flinchbaugh attended for the full day of business sessions on Saturday, September 15. The weather was fine after leaving the pathway of the hurricane which traveled through Central Florida on Friday. Karl Lohman (awards) from Winter Park and Jim Howard (Region 3) from Tampa participated by telephone conference call, along with the twelve members present. We need to submit our awards nominees by October 1, 2001. Jim Beale encouraged Chapter activities to maintain active status. The new P.E. CEU requirements were also discussed, and IEEE courses are certified for FL credit. Eric suggested that each section participating in the concentration banking plan acquire a bank debit card or an AMEX credit car with a $500 limit for ease in handling financial billings. Butch Shadwell announced that Jacksonville is bidding on SouthEastCon 2005. Carl Hussey discussed congressional advocacy, and Dr. Dave Flinchbaugh volunteered to contact the director of the Hi Tech I-4 Corridor to give a talk at the January 17, 2002 SouthCon luncheon in Orlando.
The next FCIEEE meeting will be held at UCF on Saturday, December 1, 2001. Let me urge all Orlando technical society chairmen to attend our next Orlando EXCOM meeting on October 2, and please make sure that you have conducted at least two meetings by the end of this year. Please remember that you are allowed to count joint meetings with other chapters, sections, or even other technical/engineering societies such as the AIAA, IAS, SME, SPIE, OSA, ASME, FES, ASQC, etc.
We'll see you again soon!

Dr. David E. Flinchbaugh, P.E., C.Mfg.E.
Director, The Technology Consulting Center
822-24 East Wallace Street
Orlando, FL 32809-5170
Tel: (O) 407-447-1516, (C) 407-760-7200, (H) 407-849-4855
Fax (H) 407-281-9272, Fax (O) 407-438-3922

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