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Announcing An NSF Workshop Entitled


November 11-13, 2000 Orlando, Florida

The National Science Foundation is sponsoring a workshop to discuss educational issues related to teaching power electronics. The objective of this workshop is to assess current multimedia efforts and explore new means to develop multimedia-based instruction in the area of power electronics. The workshop will discuss various delivery technologies available and how to implement them into power electronics courses. Moreover, the workshop will focus on detailed course offerings, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and will explore the current industry needs for power electronics engineers. The workshop will provide the opportunity to make use of the collective experiences of many experts in the field in regard to using the web technology in education.
The workshop will focus on the following Topics:
1. Multimedia enhancement tools for power electronics
2. Web-based delivery environments.
3. Hardware and software laboratory support.
4. Innovative industry-university partnerships in power electronics education.
5. Multidisciplinary team projects in power electronics (addressed in the Future Energy Challenge Kickoff).
Other related topics are welcome.

Workshop participation is open to people from academia and industry. The workshop registration fee of $150 covers costs of meal events and includes copies of the presentations. Partial travel support to presenters will be available based on the level of contribution. If you are interested to attend or participate in the workshop, please fill out the enclosed application form and email or fax it to Dr. Batarseh at the address below.

The 2001 Future Energy Challenge competition is sponsored by the U.S. Departments of Energy and Defense, by the IEEE Power Electronics Society, Industry Applications Society, and Industrial Electronics Society, and by other sponsors. Schools participate on a proposal basis. See the web site http://energy.ece.uiuc.edu/energychallenge for more information. In collaboration with this NSF Workshop, there will be additional sessions for schools whose proposals have been accepted. Sessions will address the technology issues of the 2001 competition, reach consensus on rule requirements, and provide an open forum for participants. Potential faculty advisors are encouraged to register for and participate in the NSF Workshop. Arrangements will be made for student team leaders to attend the Kickoff following the proposal review process during Fall 2000.

Please send your registration form and fee to:

Prof. Issa Batarseh, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, PO Box 162993, University
of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32816 Tel. (407) 823-0185, Fax. (407) 823-6334 batarseh@mail.ucf.edu
For individuals interested in presenting papers at the workshop, please submit a two-page summary by September 15th, 2000. Please make your submission to:
Prof. Malik Elbuluk,
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Akron, Akron, OH 44325-3904
Tel. (330) 972-6531, Fax. (330) 972-6487 melbuluk@uakron.edu
If an abstract is accepted, a maximum five-page summary will be due no later than October 15, 2000.

Sponsors: National Science Foundation; IEEE Power Electronics Society; Center for Power Electronics and Systems, Blacksburg, VA; and The University of Central Florida.





November 11 - 13, 2000

Orlando, Florida




1. Please provide your full name and address including affiliation:
Telephone #________________________________
Fax #:____________________________________
2. What is your primary employment? _____Faculty _____Industry ______Other
3. Are you planning to attend the workshop? _____YES _____NO
4. Are you planning to present a paper to the workshop? _____YES _____NO
5. Are you a potential Future Energy Challenge faculty advisor? _____YES _____NO
6. For faculty, does your school offer course(s) in power electronics? _____YES _____NO
If yes, at what level: _____ Undergraduate _____ Graduate _____ Both
7. Do you use the web for teaching or learning in power electronics? ______YES _____NO
If yes, have you experienced classes taught completely by web _______ or just
web enhanced _______
This registration form and fees must be sent by October 15th, 2000 to the following address:
Dr. Issa Batarseh, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
PO Box 162993, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32816-2993
Tel. (407) 823-2455 Fax. (407) 823-6334, Email: batarseh@mail.ucf.edu


The Holiday Inn Select is located five minutes for the Orlando International Airport, which includes complimentary transportation to and from the airport. We have secured room rates at $79 per night. Please contact the Holiday Inn Select directly by calling 1-800-20-OASIS to make your reservations.
The Registration fee of $150 must be made payable in the form of a check to the order of: Florida Power Electronics Center.


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Updated 11/01/2000