Quarterly Issue Published for Section and Chapter Chairs
Vicki Waldman, Editor; Tracy Hawkins, Manager S/CS
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- Higher Interest On Concentration Bank Accounts
- Report Forms On The Way
- New Member Of The IEEE Section/Chapter Support Staff
- IEEE Cooperative Display Program
- Internet Conferencing
- Conference Tutorials
- Announcing: The New Conference Search Site
- Three IEEE Publications Set To Launch In 2001
- Travel Insurance
- Chapter Chairs Rate DL Program
- Best Practice: High Performing Chapter Grant Program
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Does your Section have an IEEE Concentration bank account or Custody
Account? If so, you will be interested to know that effective October
2000, the interest rate paid on Concentration Bank accounts will be the
six-month Certificate of Deposit rate posted in the "Money Rates" section
of the Wall Street Journal. The rate for the month of October is 6.49%.
The rate for October was set on October 31 and will change each month based
on the rate posted at each month end.
This year, the six-month Certificate of Deposit rate has averaged
approximately 70 basis points higher than the six-month Treasury Bill rate,
paid previously on all Concentration Bank accounts. This will allow
business units in the Concentration Banking program to receive an interest
rate comparable with certificates of deposit while still maintaining
liquidity through check writing on account balances
If your Section finances are based in the United States and you would like
to enroll in the program, contact IEEE Treasury Department staff at +1 732
562 5363, or send an email to To
find out more about the program and for up-to-date information, check out
the web page at


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The annual reports of officer, meeting, and financial activity are the
basis for Section and Chapter funding in the form of Section Rebates.
Within the next few weeks, the Section/Chapter Support group in the IEEE
Regional Activities Department will be mailing out packages to Section
officers containing the forms and instructions for completing these
required reports. Chapter officers should obtain their copies from the
Section or from the web.
If you start gathering data now, the reporting process should be easy and
quick, with plenty of time to send the package in by deadline. The
deadline for reporting 2000 activity is 23 February 2001. Sections whose
reports received by then will get an additional 10% of the rebate. Report
forms, instructions and information will be updated and available on the
Section/Chapter Support web site on or about 11 December 2000. The URL is, then select the link for Required Reporting. If you
have questions, please contact Vicki Waldman at
or phone +1 732 562 5564.
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IEEE Section/Chapter Support would like to introduce the newest member of a
great team! Lauren Lawson has taken the position of Tracy Hawkins'
administrative assistant. In addition to assisting Tracy in various
projects, Lauren will be overseeing the Bylaws program for Sections.
Lauren will also be the S/CS web master, editor of Dollars & $ense, and
will be responsible for updating the Program Resources Guide .
Lauren joined the IEEE in 1995 as a Department Assistant and has
subsequently held positions in Educational Activities, Strategic Planning &
Institutional Research and Technical Activities. Lauren is a talented
singer and in her time away from IEEE, can be heard singing in various
gospel choirs and at weddings, banquets and church services in the
community. Lauren can be contacted at or phone +1
732 562 5511.
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IEEE's Membership Development has partnered with the IEEE Marketing
Exhibits to support IEEE technical and non-IEEE conference efforts with
IEEE membership applications and promotional gifts, along with IEEE books,
brochures, catalogs, flyers, posters and other materials. A prominent
membership desk can help make a conference membership effort successful by
having a place for inquiring applicants to gather, ask questions, review
IEEE materials and products and have the benefit of IEEE membership
explained to them.
IEEE will pay up to $250 of shipping, printing and labor charges in the USA
and up to $500 outside of the USA. If organized sufficiently in advance,
the IEEE can also offer FREE Society membership to those higher-grade new
members who join at the conference. For the rules governing the "Free
Society Membership" program and to arrange for the program at your
conference, contact Bill Hunter at at least 4
(four) weeks prior to your conference.
To arrange for a customized shipment of products, applications and
promotional pieces to make your membership effort a success, contact the
IEEE Marketing Department no less than 4 (four) weeks prior to the
conference by faxing to +1 732 981 9334 or by contacting Beverly Banks at Tell them your conference wants a Cooperative
Display Program.
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IEEE now has Internet Conferencing now available for volunteer meetings.
The new service enables users to create live, interactive meetings using an
Internet connection, a web browser and a telephone. The technology allows
meeting presenters to incorporate PowerPoint presentations, live software
demos, web tours and polling in online meetings while attendees participate
in the audio portion via telephone. There is a fee, and the required
reservations will be handled on a first come, first served basis. For more
information visit
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Do you offer tutorials or short courses at any of your conferences? IEEE
Educational Activities is compiling a list of links to educational
offerings available through Societies' Conferences. Positioned in the IEEE
Professional Development Institute (IEEE PDI), the list will publicize
Conferences to those outside the Societies who may be interested in
enhancing their careers. It will draw members to your website and
conference sites with one easy click.
Please submit your links to For
additional information, contact Lynn Murison, IEEE Educational Activities,
telephone +1 732 562 6526;
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The new, on-line IEEE Conference Database Search will allow you to retrieve
information on any of hundreds of IEEE meetings in the Conference Database
(formerly TAG or Technical Activities Guide). The search is located at Included are all current and
future meetings that are listed in the IEEE Conference Database as well as
meetings held within the past 12 months.
You can search by month, year, location, keyword in title and more.
Individual conference information includes details of the meeting, as well
as contact information and a link to the conference URL (if available).
A search help function is included with the IEEE Conference Database
Search. For additional information contact Rosemary Tennis, IEEE Technical
Activities telephone +1 732 562 6524;
To ensure that your meetings are included in the IEEE Conference Database
Search, the Conference Information Schedule form must be submitted to IEEE
Conference Services. The forms are available on-line at For additional
information on IEEE Conference Services, and for information on conferences
held more than 12 months ago, contact Mary Ann DeWald, IEEE Technical
Activities, telephone +1 732 562 3873;
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Three IEEE publications set to launch in 2001 include "IEEE Transactions on
Device and Materials Reliability," "IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine" and
the "IEEE Sensors Journal."
"IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability" is an online
publication that will provide leading-edge information critical to the
creation of reliable electronic devices and materials. It will be
available free to all members through IEEE Xplore(TM).
"IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine" will cover theory, analysis,
computer-aided design and practical implementation of circuits.
The "IEEE Sensors Journal," a collaborative effort of the IEEE and the
Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition will focus on the
electronics and physics aspects of sensors and integrated sensor-actuators.
For information on the process for developing a new publication, go to or contact Laura Pohl,
IEEE Technical Activities, telephone +1 732 981-3446;
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IEEE Global Travel Services has contracted with AccessAmerica to offer
improved travel protection insurance to IEEE members. In addition to basic
flight coverage, the new insurance program covers non-refundable trip
deposits associated with airline ticket and hotel penalties, as well as
canceled and interrupted cruise and tour packages.
For more information, go to the "Travel Insurance" link on the Global
Travel Services Web site at
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In a recent survey, the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society assessed the
popularity of the Distinguished Lecturers Program. The survey, which
gathered opinions from Chapter Chairs, indicated the program provides
outstanding lecturers who are enthusiastically received at Chapter
The SSCS Executive Office recently compiled a new Distinguished Lecturer
web page for Chapter Chairs. This helpful site includes tips for planning
effective meetings, answers to frequently asked questions, current lecturer
topics and contact information. Please visit this site at
Sections considering forming an SSCS Chapter are invited to use this
information and request a Distinguished Lecturer.
Sections around the world have formed more that 30 Solid-State Circuits
chapters in the three years since the society has been formed, a record
growth rate. For more information on how to form a Chapter, contact or visit our website at
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The Power Engineering Society approved a High Performing Chapter Grant
pilot program for 2000. Under the pilot program, any Chapter that meets
the minimum requirements for achieving the High Performing Chapter status
for 2000 would be eligible to receive a grant of $1000 to defray the future
cost of operation of its Chapter. If this program is successful it may be
extended beyond 2000.
The requirements for a PES Chapter to achieve the High Performing Chapter
status include meeting guidelines for officer information, meeting
activity, hosting a web page and an award program. For details on
requirements, deadlines and Regional Representatives, please contact Barney
Speckman at
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If you have changed address, email or phone number please
send a note to: or update the
information directly from the web at


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